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‘Moo’ Intelligence: Google’s New Sustainability Initiative Misrepresents U.S. Beef

America’s cowboys think the tech giant could have Googled more accurate scientific information about beef’s sustainability and value to the environment.

Paige Carlson
How to Boost Lab-Grown Meat? Issue an Executive Order

An Executive Order recently called for "advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing" to create a more "sustainable" bioeconomy. What is this, you may ask? A decoy.

Munching on Mealworms: The Next Meat-Alternative Snack?

While plant-based meat alternatives seem to have lost their hype, scientists work to develop another protein alternative—mealworms.

Speer: Turns Out Alternative (Meat) Isn’t Really An Alternative

Recent sales data suggest alternative proteins are struggling to maintain the momentum the products enjoyed after first hitting the market.

The ‘Beagle Brigade’ Receives Industry-Wide Support in Protection of U.S. Agriculture

Canines serve as a valuable asset in protecting the U.S. agriculture industry, helping detect foreign animal diseases and other invasive species and pests from entering the border.

Nalivka: Packers, Politicians and Misunderstood Meat Industry Economics

Rather than running to the politicians to solve a problem, perhaps the better strategy might be to gather a plan to create a better understanding of the economics of the industry.

Speer: COOL Zombie Walking Again

Seven years after repeal of mandatory country-of-origin labeling, a proposal has been introduced for the Secretary of Agriculture to "determine a means of reinstating" COOL, despite evidence of "no measurable benefits."

Russian Invasion is Bad News for U.S. Meat Consumers, Steiner Says

Will the expected sanctions on Russia impact global meat trade and demand? Len Steiner of Steiner Consulting Group posed this question in the Feb. 24 Daily Livestock Report. 

Low Carbon Beef Gains First USDA PVP Service Provider Status

​Low Carbon Beef, LLC, a cattle certification program that enables cattlemen to earn premiums by reducing carbon emissions, announced it has secured approval as a USDA Process Verified Program Service Provider.

Solving Real Life Challenges a Driving Force for Dr. Gary Smith

Smith receives Industry Leadership Award for his work to advance the beef industry.

Americans Love Meat: Purchases and Confidence Reach Record Highs

Americans are buying more beef, pork, poultry and lamb than ever. Pandemic purchases helped send meat grocery sales soaring by 20% from 2019 to 2020. Here's the latest from the newly released "Power of Meat" report.

USDA to Host Free Webinars on CME Specifications, Carcass Grading and Certification

The series of four webinars will feature guest speakers from three regional USDA Cattle and Carcass Training Centers, the CME group and the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Beef Sales Increase $3.5 Billion During Pandemic

Spiking cases of COVID-19 have forced restaurant and foodservice to scale back once again, and dollars are flowing back into retail meat departments at a record pace.

NCBA Kicks Off Campaign to Generate Dietary Guidelines Comments

NCBA has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage cattlemen to submit public comments supporting beef’s role in updated dietary guidelines.

Double Standards and Faux Meat

Beef production, and I agriculture in general, has become a pretty contentious issue over the past several years. Most often, the criticism is directed at us while we try to defend ourselves in a graceful manner.

Dr. Dale Woerner
Meat Scientist Dale Woerner to Return to Texas Tech

Dale R. Woerner, a meat science researcher who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Texas Tech, will start this fall as the Cargill Endowed Professorship in Meat Science Sustainability