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Can Dogs Sniff Out Bovine Respiratory Disease?

The Texas A&M AgriLife research could revolutionize antimicrobial treatment in commercial beef production.

New Veterinary App, Website to Track Disease Symptoms

Developed by a team of veterinarians, students and regulatory agencies, the app will help rural practitioners evaluate problems in the field and determine whether issues they see are part of a greater pattern.

Medical Breakthrough Could Help Produce More Beef

Bos indicus cattle lag in their reproductive efficiency, something researchers at Texas A&M are trying to help fix with a recent medical breakthrough.

New provisions of Texas Farm Animal Liability Act

Texas livestock owners must now post signs to get legal protection under the state's Texas Farm Animal Liability Act .

Rebecca Poole, Ph.D., performs an ultrasound at the Nutrition and Physiology Center and in the lab at Kleberg Animal and Food Sciences Center.
Calves on the Ground Put Money in the Pocket

Texas A&M study aims to reduce cattle reproduction failures, economic losses.

Feedlot cattle
Retail Beef Market Embraces Changes, New Cuts

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought beef shortages, consumers may have noticed some different cuts of beef when their traditional selections were sold out.