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13-Year-Old Registered Holstein Cow Claims New Record for Most Lifetime Milk

There’s a new face in the winner’s circle for the most lifetime milk produced by a U.S. Holstein cow, and it belongs to Chrome-View Charles 3044, owned by Mason’s Chrome View farm in Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

What Antibiotics Will No Longer be Available Over-the-Counter?

On June 11, 2023, the following antibiotics will no longer be available for purchase over-the-counter.

Kansas Dairy Farmer's Manure Mural Born Out of a Labor of Love for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

With no GPS equipment, Kansas dairy farmer Rob Leach freehanded the number 15, the jersey number of Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The result? A 100% organic manure mural to celebrate the Super Bowl.

‘Dairy-Based’ Alternative Meats Could Become a Reality

There's now an 'alternative' to alternative plant-based meats. And the first ingredient just might shock you.

Can Somatic Cell Counts Get Too Low?

Somatic cell counts have long been an indicator of milk quality and udder health. But can a cow’s SCC get too low?

Here’s Why Cows Produce Less Colostrum During the Fall and Winter

Have you ever noticed that cows who calve during the fall and winter months tend to produce less colostrum than their herd mates who calved during the spring and summer? Here's why.

Calves Could Benefit from Physical Enrichment

Just like children letting off some steam on the playground, calves too could benefit from physical enrichment.

5 Steps to Prevent Inflammation in Transition Cows

Inflammation creates additional stress at calving.

Six Straw Alternatives to Get You Through a Bedding Shortage

If you are experiencing a shortage in your straw supply, here are six bedding alternatives to consider.

There’s a New Mastitis-Causing Pathogen in Town: Prototheca Bovis

“Similar to Staph aureus and mycoplasma, Prototheca [mastitis] is hard to detect, has no known cure, and is contagious by intermittently shedding from cow to cow."

Over-the-Counter Antibiotics Are Going Away: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Farm

On June 11, 2023, over-the-counter antibiotics will no longer be available through traditional retail channels. Instead, these antibiotics will now require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian.

Use a Detailed Critique of the Parlor to Help Dairy Producers Boost Profits

Veterinarians can enhance their relationship and business with producers by identifying ways they can be more efficient. Two good starting points: management of the parlor and the parlor environment.

A Look Inside the Late Queen Elizabeth’s Dairy Farm

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-serving monarch, recently passed away at the age of 96. The late queen, who was well-known for her soft spot for animals, had a herd of 200 registered Jersey cows.

Are You Culling the Right Cows?

With beef prices soaring and milk prices in favorable conditions, producers are keeping a keen eye on cows who are not pulling their own weight.

Today is No ‘Udder” Day – It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

While both beef and dairy farmers appreciate their animals each and every day, the second Tuesday in July serves as a day of national recognition.

Unnecessary Calving Assistance Could be Causing Metritis

Providing assistance too early during stage II labor may result in an increased risk of metritis.

Keep Cow Handling to a Minimum During Hot Weather

As the thermometer starts to creep its way into the upper 80s, 90s or even the 100°F mark, nobody wants to put in physical work during the hottest part of the day - cows included.

Air Force Pollution Forces New Mexico Dairy to Euthanize 3,665 Cows

Art Schaap, owner of Highland Dairy in Clovis, New Mexico, has been living a nightmare for the past four years. His nightmare is finally coming to an end, but not without the heartache of euthanizing 3,665 cows.

5 Practices to help Dairy Producers reduce Somatic Cell Counts

To help producers obtain a lower SCC, it is important to know what you are up against in the herd and how to treat for specific problems, says Peter Edmondson, DVM.

Hormone can Reduce Pregnancy Loss after Embryo Transfer

Progesterone is a key hormone in the establishment and maintenance of a pregnancy. Increasing its concentration can boost pregnancy rates and decrease pregnancy losses after embryo transfer.

How to Pick the Best Electrolyte for Your Calves

Pardon the pun, but dealing with scours can be a real pain in the butt. It’s frustrating, it’s costly, and it can be downright messy at times.

Pros and Cons of Raising Calves in Paired Housing

Housing calves with at least one companion can improve animal welfare, calf growth, and consumer perception. But there are challenges, too.

Could Autofeeders Help Detect Calf Disease?

More and more farms have made the switch from feeding calves individually to group autofed systems. However, disease detection in group-housed calves remains a challenge. Could autofeeders help detect sick calves?

Cow Numbers Witnessed a Rollercoaster Ride in 2021

Dairy cow numbers started 2021 at an all-time high in January, with 9.445 million animals in the U.S. milking herd. However, those numbers would steadily drop throughout the summer and fall months.

Are Cow Noses the New Fingerprint to Unlocking Livestock Facial Recognition?

Similar to human fingerprints, cow noses are detailed, nearly unique, difficult to change, and remain the same over the life of an individual, making them ideal long-term markers of identity.

Does Dam Health Affect Daughter Performance? Maybe Not

Have you ever had a cow come down with a disease while she was pregnant? Probably so. But does that illness impact the calf? Maybe not.

7 Transition Period Diseases that Cost Your Clients the Most

Michal Lunak, Extension Educator for Penn State, addresses the seven most common -- and costly -- management diseases that occur during the cow’s transition period on U.S. dairies

These 7 Transition Period Diseases are Costing You Money

Here’s a breakdown of just how much these seven transition period diseases could be costing you.

Stay Proactive with Your Dairy Reproductive Program

To keep an efficient and profitable reproductive program humming, proactive reproductive management practices need to be practiced daily.

Head Off Mastitis Before Heifers Enter the Milking Herd

There’s not a clear answer to why heifers contract the disease, though studies have shown that teat canals of heifer calves can become colonized at very young ages.

3 Ways to Meet the Energy Needs of Young Calves in Winter

When the mercury drops, preweaned calves expend more energy to maintain their body temperature. They often need added nutrients to keep them healthy and growing through frigid conditions.

Here’s What You Need to Document on Drug Treatment Records

If you or an employee treats an animal with a drug, it’s important to keep adequate and updated treatment records.

Amino Acids Can Help Cows Beat The Heat

An estimated $2.4 billion is lost annually in livestock production due to the effects of heat stress, including roughly $900 million in the dairy industry.

The Road to Becoming a Better Manager

While the road to becoming a better manager isn’t any easy one, there are a few steps you can take to not only improve your work performance, but your team’s performance as well.

The Danger of Dehydrated Calves

As the thermometer climbs, farmers are eager to make sure their fans and sprinklers are running to keep lactating and dry cows cool. But just like adult cows, calves are also challenged by hot weather.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Colostrum Replacer

Prepackaged colostrum replacers are an easy way to quickly feed colostrum to a newborn calf. However, while they do come with many benefits, there are a few potential negative aspects of utilizing this nutritional tool.

3 Tips to Ward Off Udder Edema

While udder edema is a common occurrence on dairies, there are several methods to help prevent it from happening.

Here's a Sign Your Management Team Isn’t On It’s ‘A Game’

Utilizing an effective management team can help you. As the owner or leader of your business, spend less time on the non-urgent and non-important tasks or duties that pop up every day.

Bouncing Back from Failure

Failure is a part of life, but how we bounce back from it determines how successful we will become.

Pull Out All the Stops for Cow Care

The three priorities Andy and Sarah Lenkaitis set out to accomplish when they began their renovation remain the same – take care of the cows, take care of the people and keep the farm around for generations to come.

Don’t Mismanage Heifer Mastitis

Between 29% to 74% of heifers have mastitis pathogens present before calving, and an estimated 12% to 57% end up contracting the infection at first calving.

cows in freestall with fans
Facility Focus: Optimizing Resting Behavior

Just because a cow is resting does not mean that she is recovering properly. In order to maximize optimal rest on your facility, analyze these key areas.

Nutrient Knowledge: Feeding for Components

While your dairy clients aren’t able to control what they receive for their milk, they are able make slight adjustments to the protein and fat levels in their bulk tank.

Merck to Help Produce COVID-19 Vaccine, Won’t Impact Livestock Sector

Merck will start manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine in its human manufacturing facilities later this month.

The 5 Steps for A.I. Success

There’s no bull about it, artificial insemination has come a long way since its first use in dairy cattle during the late 1930s. While the technology has vastly changed, the basic principles still remain.

While the treatment of ovarian cysts has come a long way over the past few decades, properly diagnosing the type of cysts can still be a challenge.
‘She’s Cystic’: Treating Cystic Ovarian Disorders

Unfortunately, ovarian cysts are one of the most common ovarian dysfunctions in dairy cattle. In fact, approximately one in 10 cows will become cystic at some point in her life.

Facility Focus: Managing The Maternity Pen

A well-planned calving pen gives your clients the opportunity to provide the best treatment for both the cow and the calf. But what goes in to creating the ideal pen?

Consumers Crave Sustainable Products and Packaging

A recent survey published in the scientific Journal of Dairy Science showcased just how much today’s consumers pay attention to the marketing on their products.

Mycoplasma is a contagious mastitis causing organism that can easily be passed from cow to cow.
Double-Down To Keep Mycoplasma Mastitis Out Of The Herd

Classic symptoms involved with Mycoplasma mastitis include multiple quarters infected, dramatically decreased milk production, and milk secretion with sandy or flaky sediments in watery or serous fluid.

Could Caustic Paste Trigger Bad Memories for Calves?

Do you prefer a certain disbudding method over another? You may not be the only one.