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Will Cattle Prices Smash New Records This Year, Topping 2014?

After years of liquidation, the U.S. cattle herd continues to contract. With drought still a driving force behind lower cattle numbers, market experts think cattle price could top previous price records set back in 2014.

From Raising Cattle to Now Reindeer, How One Family is Sharing the Magic Of Christmas On Their Farm

The Prescott Family Reindeer Farm in southern Missouri is 240 acres rooted in a deep desire to give everyone a full Christmas experience. Cattle producers by trade, they decided to also add reindeer to their mix.

Is the Great Financial Reset Now Underway?

The latest CPI shows that while inflation may be slowing, it still remains above the Fed's target. As inflation impacts farmers across their operation, Dan Basse looks at some of the concerns as farmers head into 2023.

Want To End Hunger? Animal Protein May Be the Answer

The White House announced several steps to increase access of fruits and vegetables as a food source, but some say animal protein is also an answer to the need for healthy and nutritious food for all Americans.  

The Power of Love and Faith: How a Journey to Help Foster Kids Heal On the Farm Led One to Their Forever Home

Tyler and Amanda Radke have three goals on the farm: provide peace with a place to heal, experience a family full of love and introduce them to a household strong in faith; a recipe that’s filled with grit and grace.

A Million Beef Cows Gone? Texas’ Devastating Drought Could Leave Generational Scars

Beef producers are culling older cows, cows with any health concerns and selling calves earlier, plus planting and trying to store up some hay. Without rain, it's a struggle.

Could Rail Workers Now Strike Starting Monday As Concerns Of a Feed Shortage Continue In the West?

As labor negotiations continue between the railroads and unions, laborers voted to go on strike Monday unless President Biden intervenes. A potential strike would put additional strain on the fragile U.S. rail system.

No, Grass-Finished Beef Isn't Healthier or Better for the Environment

Oklahoma State University meat scientist Gretchen Mafi has studied the scientific differences between beef that comes from animals finished on a grain diet versus those animals finished on grass.

Livestock Producers Report Being Just Days Away From Running Out of Feed Due to Shipping Rail Issues

Bottlenecks along U.S. railways are growing more severe. Not only are feed users on the West Coast on the brink of running out of grain, but there are also concerns the rail issues could grow worse during harvest.

How Social Media Sensation NY Farm Girls Defied Odds to Expose the Truth About Farming

The NY Farm Girls have become a social media sensation. With nearly 645,000 followers on TikTok, the three sisters share the truth about dairy farming, even when faced with negativity that can sprout on social media.

Did High Heat And Humidity Really Cause Cattle Deaths In Kansas? The Latest Look at Potential Losses

Feedyards battled through the intense conditions to keep their cattle safe this week. The heat and humidity proved devastating, and estimates point to western Kansas feedlots seeing losses of 100 to 500 head per day.

The U.S. Just Broke a 27-Week Drought Streak, But Forecasts Don't Look Promising

Less than 50% of the continental U.S. is in moderate drought for the first time since November, but with another drought record still running strong, forecasts show drought could grow over the summer months.

Good News: Millennials Still Love to Eat Meat

Memorial Day weekend is known as the unofficial kickoff to grilling season. Even with the push to more plant-based proteins, meat is still in high demand. Millennials are one of the largest groups of meat eaters.

Diesel Prices Just Hit a New Record High, Here's Why a Diesel Shortage May Be Next

Diesel prices hit historic highs this week. Due to increased demand and a drop in production, a diesel shortage may be looming as the largest diesel distribution hub in the U.S. is sitting on supplies at a 30-year low.

"It's Not Hollywood At All": How Veeder Ranch Battled Historic Blizzards, Found Hope in the Middle of the Storm

Back-to-back blizzards in April meant the Veeders battled Mother Nature at the height of calving season. While they did everything they could to save newborn calves, they also saw relief in the form of vital moisture.

Ranchers Battle Back-to-Back Blizzards, Now Near-Record Flooding Blankets the East, Yet North Dakota Still Isn't Drought-Free

North Dakota's weather took a sharp turn with a blizzard Easter week. With multiple blizzard making it though for ranchers, and then heavy rain that fell this past weekend, portions of North Dakota are seeing flooding.

Ranchers Now Faced With Difficult Decisions As Drought and Wildfires Wage War on the Plains

High winds and eerily dry conditions across Kansas and the Southern Plains have created what’s been a battleground for continuous wildfires this year, as the fires are robbing some ranchers of vital grass.

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North Dakota Rancher Braces For Crippling Blizzard That Could Be Catastrophic During Calving Season

Central North Dakota seems to be the bullseye for the blizzard, with forecasts showing that area could see more than two feet of snow, along with winds that could cause white-out conditions.

Virginia Farmer Was Stranded After His Tractor Ran Over Him; What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

John Moody was stranded and thought he was paralyzed after his tractor ran over him last March. His rural mail carrier found him, repaired the fence, got John's belongings, and still finished his mail route that day.

In this May 18, 2015 photo, irrigation pipes sit along a dry irrigation canal on a field farmed by Gino Celli, who relies on senior water rights to water his crops, near Stockton, Calif.
Drought Coverage Now Rivals 2012, Wheat Belt and Cattle Country Conditions Continue to Crumble

Drought covering the continental U.S. grew by 2 points this week, now covering nearly 60% of the country. As the drought grips the Wheat Belt and key areas for cattle production, it's creating concern for 2022.

Trapped by Raging Wildfires in December, Kansas Ranchers Share Staggering Story of Survival

Bar S Ranch was devastated by wildfire in December. The family lost 200 head of cattle, houses and barns. Grateful to be alive to share their story of survival, the family is thankful for donations and support since.

Nothing Left: Kansas Ranchers Lose Houses, Barns and Livestock in Uncontrollable Wildfires

Fierce winds across Kansas this week sparked a slew of wildfires, as some ranchers lost their homes, barns and livestock. Around Paradise, Kan., there are some ranch families who say there is nothing left.

Cutting Into The Center Of Meat Processors' Labor Pains, This State Is Rolling Out A Hot Dog Factory On Wheels

As labor woes continue to cripple meat processing plants, Missouri is rolling out a unique concept to answer many processors’ biggest need. The classroom on wheels will provide workforce development at a pivotal time.

One Month After Hurricane Ida Destroyed NJ's Largest Dairy Farm, Rebuilding is Still Underway as Family Refuses to Walk Away

September 1, a tornado that spun out from the remnants of Hurricane Ida, ripped across Wellacrest Farms in New Jersey, demolishing their farm. A month later, the Eachus family continues to rebuild and persevere.

Kansas State Research Reveals This Feeding Practice Shows Sustainable Solutions for Raising Cattle

President Biden recently pledged to reduce methane emissions by at least 30% by the end of the decade. The commitment could impact agriculture, but work is already underway in the cattle sector to reduce cattle manure.

Field of Art: An Ohio Farmer's Life-Size Tribute to 9/11 is Planting Seeds of Unity for 20th Anniversary

From an American flag one year to a POW tribute the next, Wilber Meyer's field artwork has grown. And for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, this year's tribute is by far the biggest, extending beyond the Ohio farm field.

Rural Vaccination Rates on the Rise in 19 States as COVID-19 Testing, Cases See Uptick

COVID-19 testing and cases are on the rise as the push to get America vaccinated continues. New data shows rural vaccination rates are up in 19 states, while questions remain about the new Delta variant.

Vilsack to Make Major Announcement in Nebraska, Speculation it Covers Anti-Competitive Practices in Agriculture

USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack is scheduled to travel to Nebraska Friday for what the agency is calling a "major announcement." It could include details of the Biden Administration's plan to create more competition within ag.

'We've Struck a Deal': Biden Announces Agreement on Bipartisan Infrastructure Spending Plan

After months of negotiations, President Biden and announced Thursday a deal was reached on an infrastructure spending plan. The news came after a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators Thursday.

Remarkable Rescue: Five Farmers Save Father and 6-Year-Old Son After Falling 70 Feet into a Well

After six-year-old Louie Leseberg fell 70 feet into a dark well, his father jumped in to save him. What happened next, and the dramatic rescue that ensued, left even those who witnessed the rescue unable to explain.

The Strength of a Mom: How One Young Woman Battled Cancer Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Kristen Clenney recently earned the title of 'cancer survivor'. The wife, mother and veterinarian says it's a title she feels fortunate to have after her year long journey during the pandemic took grit and grace.  

True Grit: A Tribute to Ranchers Who Weathered the Extremes This Week

The record cold temperatures and extreme weather had a major impact on ranchers across the country, but through it all, the men and women showed what the true definition of a rancher is.

Harvest came to a halt in some areas seeing snow, while other farmers continued to roll on with corn. The sudden shift to winter weather may be short-lived.
The Sudden Shift to Winter Weather May be Short-Lived

Harvest came to a halt in some areas seeing snow, while other farmers continued to roll on with corn. U.S. Farm Report meteorolgist says the winter weather will be short-lived across much of the country.

With a strengthening La Nina, NOAA says the weather this winter will favor warmer and drier conditions across much of the southern tier of states, but the opposite for the North.
NOAA'S Winter Outlook is a Headache For Farmers Already Dealing with Drought

It could be a dry winter in the South and a wetter than normal winter in the North, according to NOAA's latest winter forecast. Nebraska state climatologist says she's concerned about soil moisture heading into spring.

Farmers from across the country are being asked to dump their milk this week, as the restaurant and food service demand crumbled rapidly due to COVID-19.
As Dairies Dump Milk, Frustration Mounts Over Retail Buying Limits

Farmers across the country are being asked to dump their milk, as food service demand crumbled rapidly due to COVID-19. Still, farmers are frustrated that consumers can't buy as much milk as they want right now.

The latest edition of Farmer Mac's "The Feed" paints a more optimistic picture for 2019, based on better livestock prices and other factors; however, headwinds will persist.
No Home Runs For Ag In 2019, But A Better Outlook Than 2018

Debt-to-asset ratios are on the rise, working capital is eroding and farmers’ sentiments are on the decline. Despite the negativity surrounding prices and outlooks, Famer Mac is providing a voice of optimism.