Latest News From Dairy Reproduction

Reproductive Hormones Found to Impact Gut Microbiota

Could reproductive hormones have an impact on the gut microbiota of cattle.

Are Dairy Crossbreds Harder to Calve?

Compared to Holsteins, is calving time with crossbreds more difficult in terms of calf weight, stillbirth, gestation length, or dystocia?

On-farm Bovine Pregnancy Test Kit Technology Finally Arrives

While many alternatives to palpation have evolved over the years, a quick, convenient, on-farm pregnancy test kit has remained elusive...until now.

Dairy Semen Sales hit 17-Year-Low: What Will the Trend be Going Forward?

With the cost of inflation impacting every corner of a dairy, the producer’s breeding strategy has been forced to become finetuned. More and more producers are keeping just enough replacements to fill the pipeline,.

The Liver Functionality Index: A Measure of Transition-cow Health

The intricacies of transition-cow nutrition and its role in lactation success may be made a bit easier with the Liver Functionality Index.

These 7 Transition Period Diseases are Costing You Money

Here’s a breakdown of just how much these seven transition period diseases could be costing you.

Stay Proactive with Your Dairy Reproductive Program

To keep an efficient and profitable reproductive program humming, proactive reproductive management practices need to be practiced daily.

How Methionine Supports Reproductive Success

“The more we understand about how specific nutrition components influence health and performance responses, the more we can support cows in their production cycles.”

Manage Body Weight at Calving, Improve Fertility

Over-conditioned cows that lose weight after calving subsequently have lower fertility, produce fewer quality embryos and face higher rates of health problems.

The Fast Track to Polled Genetics

Moving to 100% polled genetics is an air-tight method of dispelling consumer concerns about dehorning pain. But the wheels of genetic progress turn relatively slowly in cattle.

“She’s A Poor Doer…”

As dairy caregivers, we see “Poor Doer Syndrome.” These are cows that struggle for unknown reasons until they subsequently develop an infectious disease, a surgically correctable condition or are culled.

Don’t Lose Another Cow to Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome

A highly fatal intestinal disease of adult cows, Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS), draws concerns from dairy producers, veterinarians and nutritionists, as it is also known as the sudden death disease of dairy cattle.

Blood Pregnancy Tests Keep Repro Humming at this Iowa Dairy

Reproduction clicks along like a well-oiled machine at Schanbacher Acres near Atkins, Iowa, thanks in part to the farm’s routine use of blood pregnancy tests for the past 17 years.

Does Breeding to Beef Sires Alter Dam Productivity?

Beef-on-dairy breeding is a growing phenomenon, not just in the U.S., but worldwide.

The 5 Steps for A.I. Success

There’s no bull about it, artificial insemination has come a long way since its first use in dairy cattle during the late 1930s. While the technology has vastly changed, the basic principles still remain.

While the treatment of ovarian cysts has come a long way over the past few decades, properly diagnosing the type of cysts can still be a challenge.
‘She’s Cystic’: Treating Cystic Ovarian Disorders

Unfortunately, ovarian cysts are one of the most common ovarian dysfunctions in dairy cattle. In fact, approximately one in 10 cows will become cystic at some point in her life.

 If the industry could put together all the best parts of the genome, significant production increases could be made.
'Huge Advancements' In Dairy Possible Through Genetics

If the industry could put together all the best parts of the genome, significant production increases could be made.

Cesarean Selection Success

Veterinarians have at least eight options for doing a cesarean section (c-section) in cattle, but most rely on only one.

 The award recognizes outstanding dairy operations for reproductive efficiency and well-implemented procedures.
DCRC Opens Herd Reproduction Award Nominations

Nominations are due April 30.

“Black” is Not the Only Goal in Beef-on-dairy Breeding

Simply producing a black calf if not enough if the dairy industry wants to make permanent inroads into successful crossbreeding.

Methionine Could Enhance Dairy Cattle Health and Reproduction

Animal scientist Phil Cardoso knew that milk protein increases when dairy cows are fed the amino acid methionine, but he suspected that the supplement might have additional health benefits.