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How One Farm Nearly Doubled Their Pregnancy Rate

Getting cows pregnant is vital to keeping the pipeline full. According to Jeremey Natzke of Wayside Dairy, a 35% plus pregnancy rate equates to an outstanding repro program and a number his dairy worked hard to achieve.

How a Jersey Cow Helped Make the Perfect Proposal

A high school dance proposal used to simply consist of asking your date to the dance, but now there is a lot of hype about when and how you ask. Recently my daughter's proposal included a trip to the cow barn.

U.S. Dairy Cows Continue to Push Inland

The latest USDA Milk Production report saw a mere 0.8% increase in December’s milk production over the prior year. While states, like Texas and South Dakota continue to lead the way in year-over-year cow number growth.

Tips to Boost Mental Health Ahead of the Holidays

The statistics surrounding mental health are alarming. The reasons varied, but while the holidays can be a time of happiness, it also can be challenging. Follow these tips if you notice your mental health worsening.

American Ninja Warrior Alex Weber to Address the 20th Anniversary Milk Business Conference

The 2022 Milk Business Conference keynote speaker Alex Weber will grace the stage on Wed., Dec. 14th at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

5 'Calf Apps' For the Clinic and The Farm

Technology in the clinic and on the farm can come in really handy. Apps are just one of the tools you can use. Here are five to check out.

Combat Labor Headaches Head On

Labor shortages are no longer a stark headline, but instead a continued headache dairy farms are faced with. Recently on an Ag Future podcast, Dr. Luke Miller with Alltech spoke about training and retaining labor.

Premium Alfalfa Hay Delivered by Amazon Prime

California dairy farmer, Steve Maddox found a newfound love for Amazon Prime, who hauled premium alfalfa dairy hay from his Logan, Utah hay ranch to his Riverdale, Calif. dairy farm.

A Dairy Farm Summer Camp: Fun for All Ages

Dairy farms are a hustling and bustling place. Last year, the Berning family in Illinois opened their dairy farm barn doors and offer Farm Camp for kids of all ages. Camp includes farm chores, scavenger hunts and more.

The Heifer Discussion

The increased cost associated with raising heifers has made producers retool their thinking. Earlier management decisions are happening on dairies, with a more dialed-in, strategic breeding philosophy being adapted.

The Gift My Late Mother Gave Me

The power of a mother is enormous. A mom is more than a chauffeur, a cook or someone who does the laundry. A mom shapes self-esteem and responsibility in her children and makes endless sacrifices to empower her children.

Dairy Semen Sales hit 17-Year-Low: What Will the Trend be Going Forward?

With the cost of inflation impacting every corner of a dairy, the producer’s breeding strategy has been forced to become finetuned. More and more producers are keeping just enough replacements to fill the pipeline,.

USDA Publishes Origin of Livestock Final Rule for Organic Dairy

A long-anticipated “origin of livestock” final rule has been released by the UDSA that illustrates the uniform standards for transitioning dairy cattle to organic production.

Sleeping With the Cows: A Unique Bed and Breakfast Experience

Dairy farming is a 24/7, 365-day commitment. At times it can even feel like farmers are literally with their cows nonstop. Nestled in the small Northeast Iowa town, Dan and Lynn Bolin offer an experience to do just that.

Don’t Lose Another Cow to Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome

A highly fatal intestinal disease of adult cows, Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS), draws concerns from dairy producers, veterinarians and nutritionists, as it is also known as the sudden death disease of dairy cattle.

Marrying Technology with Calf Management

More affordable technology, including data analysis programs, calf scales and pasteurizers, are being utilized in raising calves and heifers.