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Munching on Mealworms: The Next Meat-Alternative Snack?

While plant-based meat alternatives seem to have lost their hype, scientists work to develop another protein alternative—mealworms.

Speer: Turns Out Alternative (Meat) Isn’t Really An Alternative

Recent sales data suggest alternative proteins are struggling to maintain the momentum the products enjoyed after first hitting the market.

Fake Meat Is Bleeding Money

Beyond Meat is set to release quarterly financial reports likely showing growing sales and increasing losses. As one analyst put it, “it seems the more faux meat they sell the more faux money they make.”

Feedlot cattle
Retail Beef Market Embraces Changes, New Cuts

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought beef shortages, consumers may have noticed some different cuts of beef when their traditional selections were sold out.

23 State Cattle Groups Call for DOJ Investigation

The organizations request a formal investigation by the Department of Justice to identify and investigate any evidence of fraudulent business practices within the beef meatpacking industry.

Double Standards and Faux Meat

Beef production, and I agriculture in general, has become a pretty contentious issue over the past several years. Most often, the criticism is directed at us while we try to defend ourselves in a graceful manner.