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Ordinary to Outrageous: Top 10 Agricultural Seizures of 2021

It’s no surprise pork products made the U.S. CBP's Top 10 Agriculture Seizures of 2021 list more than once. Protecting animal ag is a high priority, especially as deadly swine viruses like ASF move closer to the U.S.

APHIS Awards $16.3 Million in Farm Bill Funding to Protect Animal Health

USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is awarding more than $16.3 million to 64 projects with states, universities and other partners to strengthen programs to protect animal health.

New Veterinary Toxicology Training Program Created at K-State

The goal of the program is to create impactful and innovative outreach tools. This will better enable livestock veterinarians to recognize and address toxicology problems in food animal species.

Telemedicine and African Swine Fever: 5 Reasons to Take a Closer Look

The pandemic and the shortage of food animal veterinarians have catapulted the concept of telemedicine forward. As ASF inches closer to the U.S., experts say telemedicine could become even more useful. Here's why.

BREAKING: New Vaccine Candidate Blocks Spread of African Swine Fever Virus

A new African swine fever vaccine candidate has been shown to prevent and effectively protect both European and Asian bred swine against the current circulating Asian strain of the virus. 

Study Affirms U.S. Pork Industry’s Efforts to Keep ASF Out

The time you are most at risk for something is when you don't know it's a risk, says Patrick Webb, National Pork Board acting chief veterinarian. That's why a new study to identify biosecurity gaps is causing a stir.

ASF Vaccines: Is the Waiting Game Almost Over?

Although there’s no licensed commercial vaccine for African swine fever available, experts say they are encouraged by the progress that’s been made in the last few years. Here's why.

It’s Unlikely the U.S. Will Escape ASF

While there are lots of reasons to believe ASF in the Dominican Republic is not a sure sign it will penetrate the U.S. industry, still, everyone has become focused on it and how slippery it is to contain.

Feds Issue New Rules for Importing Dogs from ASF-Positive Countries

The number of dogs being imported into the U.S. for resale from countries affected by ASF is growing. Combine that with an increasing risk of foreign animal disease spread, and it’s a formula for potential disaster.

Do Imported Rescue Dogs Pose Threat to Livestock Industry?

Each year, several thousand dogs enter the U.S. for resale or adoption. In a recent Hogs on the Hill article, NPPC chief veterinarian Liz Wagstrom wrote that it’s time to sound the alarm on importing rescue dogs.

Credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar
Vilsack Weighs In On Parallel Between COVID-19 and Animal Disease Outbreaks

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the country anything, it’s that there is a tremendous amount of synergy between the circumstances of a pandemic involving humans and those involving animals.