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Could BRD Cases Decline In High-Risk Cattle With Delayed Vaccination?

While vaccination is widely considered a critical component of cattle health management, could the timing of vaccination impact the efficiency of the product?

Honeybees Get Hope from New Vaccine against American Foulbrood Disease

The vaccine contains killed whole-cell Paenibacillus larvae bacteria and is expected to reach the marketplace on a limited basis this year.

Are We Over-vaccinating Beef-on-Dairy Calves?

Just because we have easy access to the thousands of beef-on-dairy cross calves eventually headed for feedyards doesn't mean we should be vaccinating them every week, according to Dan Thomson.

Genvax Technologies Secures $6.5 Million to Advance Novel Vaccine Platform

United Animal Health, Johnsonville Ventures and the Iowa Corn Growers Association commit support to Genvax Technologies, a startup dedicated to advancing self-amplifying mRNA vaccine production in animal health.

Vaccination Should Do No Harm

Researchers have looked at the immune response of young calves to vaccination, but little data exists on the physical or physiological effects of vaccination in very young calves. Results from a new study could help.

Cattle Vaccination-Why is it so Hard to Understand?

Vaccination plans are only one pillar in an effective herd health program and should be viewed as a mechanism to minimize risk of disease.

New Cattle Vaccination Guidelines Offered by AABP

The 32-page document can help veterinarians counsel beef and dairy clients on vaccination strategies. Included are vaccine label information, categories, core vaccines, storage and handling recommendations and more.

New Johne’s Vaccine in the Works

It’s an old and frustrating disease that is not easily controlled. But Johne’s disease may soon be tamed by a new vaccine under development.

Debunking Core-Antigen Vaccine Myths

A basic understanding of why core-antigen vaccines are an effective tool during the dry period can help clear up common myths surrounding their usage.

8 Things To Know About The COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccination will play an important role in addressing the pandemic.

Vaccines can play an important role in addressing pinkeye.
Pinkeye Case Studies Show Advantages Of Custom-Made Vaccines

A proactive, preventative approach to pinkeye using custom-made vaccines may help minimize outbreaks and reduce the number of cattle needing antibiotic treatment.

Protocol Drift Lessens Scours Vaccination Efficacy, Survey Says

To better understand why calves are still getting sick, a leading animal health marketing research firm completed a survey capturing the deviation level outside of vaccine label requirements.

Chute-Side Cost Savings

A strong vaccination program can have a sizable impact on a herd, both in dollars spent and on the herd’s health.

Study Addresses M. haemolytica Vaccination And Lost Milk Production

Elanco recently completed a randomized clinical trial to evaluate changes in milk production following vaccination of lactating dairy cows for M. haemolytica.

Merck Animal Health Launches Nasalgen 3

Three-way vaccine offers immunity against IBR.

Time to Rethink Calfhood Brucellosis Vaccination?

If a vaccine isn’t preventing disease, perhaps the money would be better spent on adding real value to calves.

The plan also expands funding opportunities for the existing National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).  
APHIS Plans to Invest in Vaccine Bank, Disease Preparedness

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is announcing initial plans to carry out new animal health activities using resources provided by the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Time to Rethink Calfhood Brucellosis Vaccination? Page 2

If a vaccine isn’t preventing disease, perhaps the money would be better spent on adding real value to calves.

These courses are RACE Approved for CE credits for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians.
CFSPH Updates Immunology and Vaccinology Courses

The Center for Food Security and Public Health at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine has launched updated versions of two of its online veterinary immunology and principles of vaccinology courses.

The single-tier system should help streamline the vaccine approval process while making labels easier to understand.
USDA Simplifying Vaccine Labels

For years, the USDA has used a “tiered” system for claims on vaccine labels, which added complexity to pre-license trials and tended to create confusion for users.

Moraxella bovoculi is one of the primary pathogens causing pinkeye in cattle.
Huvepharma Announces New Moraxella bovoculi Vaccine

Huvepharma releases a conditional licensed vaccine for the prevention of pinkeye caused by ​​​​​​​Moraxella bovoculi in cattle.

The reporting will help APHIS provide complete and accurate information to consumers when problems occur with veterinary biologics such as vaccines.
USDA Issues Final Rule on Reporting Adverse Events

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) recently issued a final rule requiring reporting of all adverse events associated with veterinary biological products.

USDA Licenses Diagnostic Kit for Johne's Disease

The USDA has issued Thermo Fisher Scientific a Veterinary Biological Product License for its Applied Biosystems VetMAX-Gold MAP Detection Kit, a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based solution designed to detec

AgriLabs enters vaccine-manufacturing market with new acquisitions

This week, AgriLabs, the largest U.S. animal health marketing and distribution business, announced that it has entered into the vaccine manufacturing business with a new USDA-licensed facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP products earn new claim for BVD fetal protection

Protection against BVD remains critical especially among pregnant cattle.