Latest News From Industry Press Release

Understanding Diseases Associated with Histophilus Somni

Veterinarians and researchers have hypothesized why H. somni is becoming more widespread and increasingly prevalent, but there is not a clear culprit.

Select Sires Announces Creation of Low Carbon Technologies, LLC

Select Sires creations Low Carbon Technologies, LLC, as part of its farmer-owned cooperative to serve beef and dairy farmers seeking to document, verify and improve their carbon footprint and overall sustainability.

Dr. Calvin Booker Honored for Contributions to Cattle Industry

Booker has been named the 2023 Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners Veterinarian of the Year. Booker has developed many science-based innovations for feedlot medicine and is a past president of AABP.

New Science-Based Probiotic Introduced for Feedlot Cattle

Chr. Hansen introduces Bovamine Defend Plus for U.S. feedlot cattle. The product helps improve average daily gains and feed conversation and establish normal gastrointestinal functions, even under stressful conditions.

Parnell Living Science Introduces BRD Solution RESPIRmycin

This is a ready-to-use injectable solution containing 100 mg of tulathromycin/mL, a trusted antibiotic to treat and control BRD, foot rot and pinkeye in cattle, as well as swine respiratory disease.  

Elanco Enhances PenPoint™ Offering for Feedyards

PenPoint Sort is a bolt-on chute technology system that helps simplify the difficult task of objectively measuring and sorting cattle.

Proprietary Feeding System Improves Feed Efficiency and Carcass Yield

FBN Livestock and Boveta Nutrition announce a proprietary feeding system for beef cattle that improves feed efficiency and carcass yield while reducing methane gas emissions and wet waste.

Tulieve (tulathromycin injection) Introduction at 2023 NCBA Convention

Norbrook's latest anti-infective offers cattle industry affordable alternative to leading tulathromycin injectables in exclusive plastic bottles.

Honeybees Get Hope from New Vaccine against American Foulbrood Disease

The vaccine contains killed whole-cell Paenibacillus larvae bacteria and is expected to reach the marketplace on a limited basis this year.

AAVMC and Merck Award Close to $100,000 in Diversity Scholarships

The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) has awarded nineteen scholarships to students enrolled in AAVMC member institutions, totaling close to $100,000.

Vytelle Announces Kansas City as Global Headquarters

Precision livestock company, Vytelle, announces Kansas City as their global headquarters.

Check Out the DCHA $1,000 Scholarship

Applicants must be a college student and DCHA member; or the parent/legal guardian must belong to DCHA. Applications are due Feb. 22, 2023.

Phibro Animal Health Releases 'You Herd Right' Dairy Podcast

Hear from experts as they review and explain ideas on best feeding and management practices for transition cows.

Syngenta Joins Trust In Beef™

Trust In Beef™ announced Syngenta has joined as a partner of the collaborative value chain program helping ranchers integrate climate-smart agriculture systems into their operations

Beef Quality Assurance Doesn't End at the Farm Gate

BQA Transportation is a comprehensive management program that incorporates responsible practices in all phases of transporting cattle.

Finish the Race Strong: Quality Nutrition a must for Cowherd Success

The third trimester is critical to calf development – like the final leg of a race – and cows need to be primed to reach the finish line.

Grants Available to Qualifying Bovine Veterinary Students for Externships

A grant to complete a veterinary externship is now available to qualifying bovine veterinary students, according to the Academy of Veterinary Consultants, which serves the North American beef industry.

AABP and AVC Develop Guidelines to Protect Veterinary Business  in the Event of a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak

Veterinarians should be prepared to safely and effectively continue providing services to their clients and maintain clinic business continuity in the face of an FAD outbreak.

Five Misconceptions About Liver Flukes — Debunked

There are many challenges surrounding resilient liver flukes, but a combination of education and action will help all producers take them on.

2022 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium Slated for Kansas City

Registration is open for the 2022 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium, to be held November 17 and 18 at the at the American Royal Center in Kansas City, MO.

Join the Animal Agriculture Alliance as “Partners in Progress” at 2023 Stakeholders Summit

How can we create a sustainable future for animal agriculture? By building it together, says AAA. The 2023 Stakeholders Summit theme has been set, and speaker proposals and applications are open.

Santa Gertrudis cattle eat at the Tungali feedlot in South Australia.
New Fermentation Product Supports Feed Efficiency in Finishing Cattle Rations

Purina introduces EfficienZ, a non-nutritive feed additive available in select supplements marketed by the company.

Merck Opens Animal Health Intelligence Manufacturing Facility

Merck Animal Health announces the opening of a manufacturing facility in Louisiana to establish printing, production and distribution of Allflex Livestock Intelligence ear tags.

Meat Companies Helping To End Hunger in the United States

The North American Meat Institute and America’s leading meat companies are advancing industry-wide best practices and increasing access to nutrient-dense meat for families in need.

Fall Processing Recommendations for Weaning-aged Calves 

And just like that, it’s time for fall processing. Let’s look closely at what to give weaning-aged calves for a leg-up in their next stage of life.     

Neogen Corporation announces Prozap Protectus Pour-On Insecticide 

The formula contains 3% diflubenzuron, 2.5% piperonyl butoxide, and 0.5% lambda-cyhalothrin.

Merck Animal Health Awards $90,000 in Scholarships

Merck Animal Health has awarded $90,000 in scholarships to 18 bovine veterinary students based on their academic achievements, career goals, work experience and interest in veterinary medicine.

Merck Animal Health to Acquire Vence

Virtual fencing system provides advanced technology to cattle producers and ranchers to manage natural resources more effectively.

Cattlemen Raise Concerns with Executive Order on Biotechnology

Last week the White House announced an Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy.

Applications Open for the Dr. W. Bruce Wren Food Animal Incentive Award

This award is sponsored by Viticus Group and recognizes five recent graduates in veterinary medicine.

Vytelle Expands Network of Bovine In Vitro Fertilization Laboratories

Vytelle announces the opening of a laboratory in New Zealand, part of a five-year plan to double the laboratory capacity to produce bovine embryos through in vitro fertilization.

5 Tips for a Dairy Heifer Synch Program 

Adopting a heifer synchronization program can pay dividends. The sooner heifers become pregnant, the sooner they can enter the milking string and become productive members of the herd.

Bovine Coronavirus (BCoV) is Highly Prevalent on European Dairy Farms

Preliminary results of a field study found 73% of farms tested positive for BCoV in the respiratory pathway, and BCoV is associated with increased risk for Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).

Arm & Hammer brands laboratory as 'ScienceHearted Center'

One of the lab’s key roles is to utilize the company's Microbial Terroir platform to provide unique insights on pathogenic challenges and tailor its Certillus brand of Targeted Microbial Solutions.

KineticVet Introduces Branded Injectable Antihistamine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of KineticVet Re-Covr.

Expanded Labels for Beef Implant Products Approved

 Zoetis announces it has received expanded label approval from the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine on three beef implant products.

Tips To Avoid Nitrate, Prussic Acid Poisoning Following Drought

Nitrates and prussic acid build up in forages to levels dangerous to livestock during drought. Consuming such forages can cause illness and even death to livestock.

Panhandle Ranch, Environmental Technology Co. Plan New 'Sustainable' Feedlot

A developer of an advanced waste treatment technology says it will partner with a cattle ranch to build a 15,000 head sustainable beef feedlot near Dalhart, Texas.

Lameness in Ruminants Conference Updates its Schedule

The Lameness in Ruminants Conference Planning Committee released an updated schedule for its 21st International Symposium and 13th International Conference, scheduled for Aug. 1-5, in Bloomington, Minn.

13 Facts About Fly Control For Horses and Cattle  

“Flies are hard to control. And a lot of times, we can't control them adequately with only one modality. We need to use a variety of options,” says Tony Hawkins, DVM.

CSU’s Sue VandeWoude named next dean of College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Sue VandeWoude, a Colorado State University distinguished professor and world-renowned veterinary virologist, has been named the next dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

AHA to Host Sustainable Genetics Research Webinar

AHA webinar to provide details about ongoing research with Colorado State University to characterize the relationship between genetics associated with efficiency and those associated with cattle's carbon footprint.

Dr. R.L. “Bob” Hough Presented BIF Pioneer Award

The Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) presented Dr. R.L. “Bob” Hough, Lone Tree, Colorado, the BIF Pioneer Award June 3 during the group’s annual research symposium in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Nutrition Can Help Cattle With Heat Stress

Probiotics fit well into an effective feeding strategy that can be implemented in conjunction with infrastructure considerations to combat the high cost of heat stress.

Video Q&A Sessions on Equine Joint Health now Available

The free series was done by PetVivo and features equine veterinarian Tracy Turner.

Merck Animal Health Announces AROVYN™ Is Available

Merck Animal Health is introducing AROVYN – a broad-spectrum antibiotic that treats the major organisms associated with bovine respiratory disease, foot rot and pinkeye.

Public-Private Partnerships Build Global Markets for U.S. Farm Goods, Adding $9.6 Billion In Export Value

Programs to help U.S. farmers build markets overseas boosted agricultural exports by an average of $9.6 billion annually from 1977 to 2019, representing 13.7 percent of total agricultural export value, says a new study.

reduced forage due to drought in North Dakota
Dealing with Drought Webinar to Assist Cow-Calf Producers with Decision Making

Drought is not a new issue to cow-calf producers, but many factors make this year unique. Kansas State will host a webinar to help producers weigh options on May 19.

3 Keys for Successful Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination 

Body condition score and estrus intensity can improve breeding season success, says Clint Sexson, large herd specialist for All West Beef/Select Sires.

Merck Animal Health Donates $250,000 to Iowa State University for New Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Merck Animal Health announced a $250,000 donation to Iowa State University to support the new Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.