Latest News From Elanco Animal Health

Elanco Enhances PenPoint Offering for Feedyards

PenPoint Sort is a bolt-on chute technology system that helps simplify the difficult task of objectively measuring and sorting cattle.

Categorizing Feedlot Cattle for better BRD Management   

Preventing and managing bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is an ongoing challenge for beef cattle, especially for stocker and feedlot operations, as well as for dairy youngstock.

House Fly6 24a
Improve Performance with Effective Fly Control for Cattle

Flies can cost producers approximately 20 lbs. of lost weight gain. Planning now to prevent and control both face and horn flies can help put your beef producers pounds and dollars ahead this fall.

Vaccination Should Do No Harm

Researchers have looked at the immune response of young calves to vaccination, but little data exists on the physical or physiological effects of vaccination in very young calves. Results from a new study could help.

Elanco Animal Health Doubles Down on Improved Environmental Sustainability and Nutrient Utilization in Beef Production

Elanco Animal Health and Ducks Unlimited announce results from the year-one effort of a multi-year initiative to restore working grasslands in western Kansas.