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Should She Stay Or Go?

Making culling decisions can often be difficult for many reasons. In the process, estimating cow value around the time of culling is oversimplified.

Recycled Bedding A Positive on Milk Quality?

Recycled bedding has the potential to help dairies save on their bedding costs and provide more efficient manure management.

Managing and Measuring Heat Stress

The time of consistent heat stress is upon us. Heat-stressed cows produce less milk, have reduced fertility, and have higher SCC. Providing proper heat abatement can have both an economic and welfare impact on the farm.

Stocking Density impacts Cow Well-Being and Performance

Profitability is negatively affected when stocking densities exceed 120%, according to new research out of the University of Florida.

Diet Considerations to Prevent Displaced Abomasa

Incidence rates for displaced abomasum (DA) range from 1% to 6%, and up to 90% of DA's happen within the first 30 days in milk.