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Omicron’s Effect on Food Demand and The Supply Chain

“I wouldn't be surprised as we put Omicron behind us that we're going to see a restaurant recovery in the summer. But right now the supermarket is still doing quite well on a historical basis," says Michael Swanson.

COVID-19 Disruptions Causing Historic Economic Changes

Nearly two years after COVID-19 invaded our world, we are still living with its disruptions, but we should not overlook the more traditional factors also at play.

How to change the face of agriculture

It’s no wonder Michael Smith wasn’t comfortable with pursuing a career in agriculture when he started college at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo.

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How Will the Economic Boom Impact U.S. Agricultural Businesses?

CoBank says challenges brought on by COVID-19 will speed up automation throughout many sectors of the supply chain. Here's a deeper look at the animal protein industries in CoBank's latest report.

The Surprising Truth: 4 Things You May Not Know About Reaching Goals

Why don't we finish goals? Jon Acuff, best-selling author and motivational speaker, says we often focus on the wrong thing when we talk about our goals. Here's what he says it takes to finish the goals that matter.

‘Make It OK To Discuss Mental Health’

Tanner Krause, CEO of Iowa-based Kum & Go convenience stores, works to provide a 'safe space' for employees to talk about emotional challenges, many of which have been brought on or exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

Use Emotional Intelligence to Tackle The Tough Stuff

“If you can manage these moments, the world is yours,” says Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry.

Nebraska Rancher Uses Herd to Honor Frontline Workers

David Schuler’s Christmastime tradition turned into a tribute to those working on as first responders through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The view of the Nations Capitol as the Democrats and Republicans continue moving forward on the agreement of a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) aid package in Washington, D.C., U.S. December 21, 2020. REUTERS/Ken Cedeno
Covid Aid Bill Provides Ag Funding for Sectors Left Out of CFAP

The coronavirus aid package approved by Congress overnight Monday provides $13 billion in ag funding, much of it destined for sectors left out of previous aid packages.

“The early part of the year should look very different than the latter, but in total, economic growth is estimated to be about 4%, following a retreat of roughly 4% in 2020,” Dan Kowalski, vice president of CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange division.
CoBank: COVID-19 Will Continue To Steer Economy In 2021

“The early part of the year should look very different than the latter, but in total, economic growth is estimated to be about 4%, following a retreat of roughly 4% in 2020,” says Dan Kowalski.

7 Reasons Your Best Employees Quit

Learn how to avoid these frustrating and deal-breaking mistakes.

Farmers are quickly adapting to COVID-19 challenges so their products can safely and efficiently travel from farm to the hands of consumers.
5 Ways COVID-19 Has Transformed the Food Supply Chain

Here are just a few of the ways COVID-19 is recasting the supply chain.

“Courage is Grace Under Pressure”

“Courage recognizes the significant work of farmers, their families, farm communities and all who are engaged in feeding the world.”

Trump Administration to Unveil $15.5 Bln Coronavirus Farm Aid

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will spend up to $15.5 billion in the initial phase of its plan to bolster the nation's food supply chain against the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.