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California Launches Team to Provide Aid to Livestock and Domestic Animals During Emergencies

The California Veterinary Emergency Team will be overseen by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and will support and train a network of government agencies and organizations to aid animals during emergencies.

Solving Real Life Challenges a Driving Force for Dr. Gary Smith

Smith receives Industry Leadership Award for his work to advance the beef industry.

Would You Try Tele-health Appointments with Your Vet?

Virtual appointments for all kinds of services have become increasingly more available over the last year—even veterinary visits. Drovers’ latest Pulse Poll shows some ranchers would try out the service.

6 Tips to Prepare Your Herd for Breeding Season

Breeding season is fast approaching, set your herd up for success by focusing on these key areas.

At the Core of Your Culture

Take a minute to take stock in the values that define how you run your farm.

Grandin, Mitloehner Serve Up Facts About Animal Ag and Greenhouse Gases

How can livestock production be a part of the solution? Temple Grandin and Frank Mitloehner discussed strides in sustainability and the future at the Online Top Producer Summit and Trust in Food Symposium.

Research Shows Rumen Additives and Controlled Energy Can Benefit Cows During Dry Period

New Research from the University of Illinois finds that diets containing consistent energy levels and a rumen supplement during dry periods may be key, rather than a gradual increase method.

Animal Agriculture Alliance Releases 2020 Conference Recordings, Sets 2021 Date

Sessions focus on equipping food and agriculture stakeholders with the tools needed to bridge the gap between farm and fork.

Nebraska Rancher Uses Herd to Honor Frontline Workers

David Schuler’s Christmastime tradition turned into a tribute to those working on as first responders through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calf Care in the Spotlight

Proper care for calves sets them up for a lifetime of success. Here's a curated collection of Bovine Veterinarian's top calf care tips from 2020.

Bovine Veterinarian's Top 10 Articles of 2020

We've rounded up the top 10 stories of the year as decided by you, our readers. Take a look back at these memorable stories on in 2020.

Bovine Veterinarian's Spotlight on Nutrition

As 2020 comes to an end the Bovine Veterinarian editors have gathered up some of the top tips published this year that focus on the nutritional needs of cattle.

2020 Rewind: Bovine Veterinarian's Cover Articles

We're recapping this year's most important issues though a look back at the covers of Bovine Veterinarian magazine.

2021 Livestock Market Outlook Roundup

The editors at are looking at experts’ projections for commodities in 2021 to help you succeed in the coming year. Here’s a look at what analysts expect for the upcoming year in the protein segments.

Genetic sequencing allows for the identification of the specific DNA footprint of a disease, which will allow for improved disease surveillance when illness is detected in a herd.
Genetic Sequencing Research Could Assist in Quicker Emerging Disease Detection

Genetic sequencing allows for the identification of the specific DNA footprint of a disease, which will allow for improved disease surveillance when illness is detected in a herd.

Sign outside a livestock operation.
New Video Details Vehicle Cleaning Protocol To Protect Against A FAD

A new video is available that demonstrates how to set up a vehicle cleaning and disinfection corridor to protect livestock producers’ farms and neighboring farms during a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak.

Universities Partner to Study Antimicrobial Use in Food Animal Production

Kansas State University & University of Minnesota researchers collaborate with the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine and food animal industries to evaluate systems for collecting and evaluating antimicrobial use data.

Virtual Format Announced for the 2021 Driftless Region Beef Conference

Webinars each evening will feature topics ranging from Greenhouse Gasses and sustainability in beef production, advice for surviving tough times and antibiotic resistance to a 2021 market outlook.

USDA to Host Free Webinars on CME Specifications, Carcass Grading and Certification

The series of four webinars will feature guest speakers from three regional USDA Cattle and Carcass Training Centers, the CME group and the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Hope from Ashes

Veterinarian helps his Kansas ranching community rebuild after fire.

Top 10 Winners of the Drovers “Show Us Your Bulls” Photo Contest

Find out who won the latest Drovers photo contest!

Need A Way to Temporarily Keep Newborn Calves Warm? Try This

This rancher’s innovative calf box keeps newborn calves out of the wind and warm until they can be brought to the barn.

Virginia Tech Testing Bee-Friendly Forage Material

Fescue is hardy, but can harbor a fungus that causes health issues for cattle. It also crowds out native plants, which can harm pollinator populations. A Virginia Tech study aims to solve both problems.

Responses Divided on Rural Veterinary Shortage Poll

Is there a shortage of rural veterinary care? It all depends on where you live.

Purdue Researcher Takes on Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Seleem’s expertise, and the focus of his research, is on developing new antimicrobials and improving delivery of drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases that affect both animals and humans.