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Nevil Speer
Critical Thinking Is Paramount (And No, Cows Are NOT Killing The Earth)

An Open Letter to Superintendent Rick Nielsen, Nebo School District (Utah): “Utah school gives kids ‘disgusting’ insects to eat in class for climate assignment on cows killing the Earth.”

BQA Low Stress Cattle Handling Principles

Sound care and handling practices, based on years of experience and research are known to impact the well-being of cattle, individual animal health and herd productivity.

How To Give a Calf Electrolytes, The Dehydration Lifeline

Electrolytes can serve as a needed boost for a scouring calf. Here's a look at what’s in electrolyte products, how much electrolytes should be given and a few ways and tips on how to give electrolytes to a calf.

National Institute for Animal Agriculture to Host Equine Industry Leaders

Equine leaders will discuss the importance and sustainability of the working ranch horse at NIAA’s Annual Conference in April.

Bonehead Lawsuit and Other Signs of the Looming Apocalypse

Cybercriminals, cholesterol spiking ice crème flavors or just plain silly lawsuits? It’s becoming harder to distinguish which activities should cause our alarm.

Greg Hanes CEO Cattlemen's Beef Board
Hanes: The Beef Checkoff and Lab-Grown Protein

Regardless of how lab-grown protein products are categorized, the federal law that created the Beef Checkoff does not allow such products to be promoted.

Use Caution With Heat Lamps and Newborn Livestock

Providing additional heat in the form of heat lamps for newborn lambs, kids and calves inside a “hot box” can aid in newborn survivability.

Diversify Income Opportunities with Multispecies Grazing

Grazing sheep, goats or cattle together can open up new market opportunities and help improve pasture stewardship.

AZ Rancher Faces New Charges in Death of Migrant, Defense Argues Investigation Mishandled and Law Enforcement Lit Powder Keg

Attorneys on Wednesday argued conflicting accounts of how a Mexican national came to be killed on an Arizona borderlands ranch. The rancher is due back in court on Friday.

Restocking Will Be a Slow-Go

The smallest beef cow herd in 60 years will be rebuilt cautiously as ranchers struggle to recover from the perfect storm of economic and weather black swans.

Acidosis and Feed Connection

When cattle diets are changed without an adaptation period or if cattle have sudden access to a new feedstuff, health problems can follow.

Select Sires Announces Creation of Low Carbon Technologies, LLC

Select Sires creations Low Carbon Technologies, LLC, as part of its farmer-owned cooperative to serve beef and dairy farmers seeking to document, verify and improve their carbon footprint and overall sustainability.

OTC Livestock Antibiotics Will Require Prescription June 11

Beginning June 11, 2023, over-the-counter livestock antibiotics will require a veterinary prescription. Producers are encouraged to establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship now.

Feeding Monensin to Cows Decreases Intake but Increases Efficiency

Practices that decrease feed costs without affecting productivity have potential to improve profitability. Ionophores can increase energetic efficiency and reduce production of waste molecules such as methane.

U.S. Cattle Herd Smallest in Eight Years

America's beef cow herd shrank by 4% last year, leaving the total inventory down 3% and the smallest in eight years.

Background and Research Supporting Caffeine for High-Risk Calves

Caffeine may help stimulate at-risk calves that are the result of dystocia (difficult birth), hypothermia from being born in the cold, or being run down from a stressful event such as disease or transport. 

Sexten: Feeding the Foundation

In a year with rising commodity prices and limited availability, strategically feeding forages may offer the best option to deliver supplemental nutrients using existing infrastructure and equipment.

Weather the Freeze: 3 Tips to Ensure Cattle Have Winter Water Access

Strategies to keep your water sources open and clear to drink to optimize your cattle’s performance during winter.

Purchasing Thin Cows: Opportunity or A Train Wreck?

In every drought cycle some producers have an earlier end to the drought than others while others are more severely affected by drought. This cows are often available to purchase, but they aren't always a bargain.

Windbreaks for Cattle Protection and Snow Diversion

Shelter for livestock during the winter months can influence the success of calving and a livestock operation.

Calf Scours Prevention Starts Now

While there are many seasonal preparations to consider before calving season begins, calf scours prevention is not always one that comes to mind. However, the best time to mitigate the risks of the disease is now.

Remote water monitoring provides easy access to water management

Ranchbot has developed reliable, remote water monitoring solutions that can be viewed anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand.

Getting Ready for the Next Cold Snap

When cows get below their lower critical temperature and get into cold stress, they can adapt by increasing feed consumption to increase their basal metabolic rate and increase heat of fermentation.

Coccidiosis Affecting Calves in North Dakota

Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that affects several different animal species. In cattle, it may produce clinical symptoms in animals from 1 month to 1 year of age, but it can infect all age groups.

Profit Tracker: Beef Packer Losses Largest since 2017

The pendulum continues swinging toward cattle feeders as cash prices jumped $3 last week and left packers with their largest negative margins in nearly six years.

Syngenta Joins Trust In Beef™

Trust In Beef™ announced Syngenta has joined as a partner of the collaborative value chain program helping ranchers integrate climate-smart agriculture systems into their operations

Herd Liquidation May Be Slowing Down

It seems likely that many producers have adjusted herd inventories, given hay and feed supplies, to be able get through the winter.

What's A Good Bull Worth?

Determining the value of a bull is an important question, and one that is a challenge to answer. Mark Johnson, DVM, Oklahoma State, offers some calculations to help determine a value.

Keeping Cows Maternal

The “maternal” discussion is far more complex than a healthy live birth and seedstock producers are using more data and knowledge to create better dams each year.

Beef Quality Assurance Doesn't End at the Farm Gate

BQA Transportation is a comprehensive management program that incorporates responsible practices in all phases of transporting cattle.

How Much Hay Will A Cow Consume? Estimate Your Winter Feed Needs

Estimating forage usage by cows is an important part of the task of calculating winter feed needs. Hay or standing forage intake must be estimated in order to make the calculations.

Five Misconceptions About Liver Flukes — Debunked

There are many challenges surrounding resilient liver flukes, but a combination of education and action will help all producers take them on.

BIF Releases Decision Support Tool for Beef Cattle Selection

The iGENDEC product was developed with the financial support of a USDA NIFA grant with the aim of helping enterprises make genetic selection decisions that are specific to their unique circumstances.

2022 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium Slated for Kansas City

Registration is open for the 2022 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium, to be held November 17 and 18 at the at the American Royal Center in Kansas City, MO.

‘Moo’ Intelligence: Google’s New Sustainability Initiative Misrepresents U.S. Beef

America’s cowboys think the tech giant could have Googled more accurate scientific information about beef’s sustainability and value to the environment.

Sustainable Beef Systems Can Achieve Climate Neutrality

Jason Sawyer, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, explained the state of the beef industry with regard to climate concerns and discussed mitigation pathways that might help achieve climate neutrality.

Merck Opens Animal Health Intelligence Manufacturing Facility

Merck Animal Health announces the opening of a manufacturing facility in Louisiana to establish printing, production and distribution of Allflex Livestock Intelligence ear tags.

Chad Ellis Named Founding Chair of Trust In Beef™

Texas rancher and conservation executive will provide strategic leadership to partners of the collaborative value-chain program designed to empower ranchers and beef marketers.

Nelson To Serve Life in Prison for Diemel Murders

A northwest Missouri man will serve two consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole after he pleaded guilty Friday to the 2019 murders of two Shawano County, Wisconsin, brothers.

Ending Beef Exports/Imports Would Cost Cattlemen $Billions

Even a 10% reduction in U.S. beef exports and imports would cause a significant disruption to prices and quantities of both feeder cattle and fed cattle, according to a new economic analysis.

Billion Dollar Beef Plant Searches for Home

Western Legacy Development Corp. continues to search for a site to build its $1.1 billion beef processing facility after being rejected by two cities in the northern plains.

Merck Animal Health to Acquire Vence

Virtual fencing system provides advanced technology to cattle producers and ranchers to manage natural resources more effectively.

DOJ Recommends 10-Year Sentence for Easterday

The Justice Department says it has filed a memo in federal court with its recommended sentence for Washington rancher and cattle feeder Cody Easterday who pleaded guilty in a $244 million "ghost cattle" scheme.

Cattlemen Raise Concerns with Executive Order on Biotechnology

Last week the White House announced an Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy.

Breeding for Survivability with Genetic Selection and Measurement

The general manager of Southern Cattle Company describes how the ranch uses genetic selection to breed heat tolerant animals with survivability and stayability in a harsh climate.

NCBA Urges Senate Committee to Pass Livestock Regulatory Protection Act

The Livestock Regulatory Protection Act aims to prevent EPA from issuing Clean Air Act Title V permits for emissions like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, water vapor, or methane that result from livestock production.

Beef Quality Assurance Program Injection Site Guideline

In order to reduce the incidence of injection site lesions, injectable products should be administered subcutaneous (SQ)if the label allows.

Strategies For Drought Management on Pastures

If pastures are managed properly during times of low moisture, the effects of drought will be less severe and pastures will rebound faster when precipitation is sufficient.

Feeding Cows While Coping with Drought and High Input Costs

Grouping cows or growing cattle in larger groups to maximize feed delivery over groups to feed is an additional consideration under current economic conditions.

Sexten: Sorting for Options With Thin Cows

With much of the US cow herd in some form of drought the odds of thin cows heading into weaning season are high. This month let's look at practical approaches to wrangling the challenge of dry pastures and thin cows.