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Squeeze Chute Work

Low-stress squeeze chute operation is important because research has shown cattle that become agitated in the chute have tougher meat and more dark cutters, and up to 40% of administered vaccines won’t be effective.

Beef packing plant
Packer Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissed

The antitrust class-action lawsuit alleging America’s largest beef packers conspired to fix cattle prices has been dismissed by a federal judge in Minnesota.

Sarah Depenbrock
Take The Guesswork Out Of ‘Bloat’ In Calves

There are many different causes of abdominal distension as well as many possible predisposing underlying factors for those causes. Four practical steps can help you figure out individual cases you find on the farm.

Q&A: Bovine Veterinarians Weigh-In On Dairy Health Issues

Here are some of the key health issues two leading veterinarians say face the dairy industry today.

Eighteen students were awarded the scholarships.
Scholarships Awarded To Bovine Veterinary Students

Merck presented each student with an American Association of Bovine Practitioners Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Award, as well as a $5,000 scholarship