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Award-Winning U of I Professor Uses Jazz Hands to Teach Animal Science

When students walk into Anna Dilger’s classroom, they can expect play dough, cartoons and dancing. But her students aren’t kindergartners; they’re college students. And they’re learning from one of the best.

Smithfield Agrees to Implement Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan

Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp. will assemble a team of company and third-party experts to develop an infectious disease preparedness plan that the company will implement at all of its processing facilities nationwide.

USDA Announces $700 Million in Grants to Help Ag Workers Impacted by COVID-19

USDA Secretary Vilsack announced that $700 million in competitive grant funding will be available through the new Farm and Food Workers Relief grant program to help farm and food workers with pandemic costs. 

Don’t Get Fooled by Figures (Part I)

This article can help you have more confidence in evaluating data that's shared graphically, so you can better separate accurate information from the inaccurate.

FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccination with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

“We know rural areas are different from urban areas, people are more spread out, it's not always as easy to travel to one location that's close to everyone to get a vaccine," Dr. Murthy says.

Veterinarians Authorized To Administer COVID-19 Vaccine In Some States

Veterinary technicians, podiatrists, dentists and paramedics are also being authorized to administer the vaccine.

4 Things Animal Ag Can Learn from the Human Response to COVID-19

When COVID-19 struck, veterinarians engaged in critical conversations with human doctors about herd immunity. Almost a year later, National Pork Board's Dave Pyburn shares what he's learned from the human response. 

Animal Agriculture Alliance Releases 2020 Conference Recordings, Sets 2021 Date

Sessions focus on equipping food and agriculture stakeholders with the tools needed to bridge the gap between farm and fork.

7 Reasons Your Best Employees Quit

Learn how to avoid these frustrating and deal-breaking mistakes.

"Chick" or Treat: Costumes Inspired by the Barnyard

Thanks to our readers, here's a slide show of farm-themed Halloween costumes for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned to the end for a do-it-yourself costume that's sure to turn heads.

Search is On for the Best Farm-Themed Costume in 2020

Halloween 2020 may look a little different, but regardless of what your community says about trick-or-treating, there is no reason why your kids shouldn’t have fun dressing up this year.

Farm Journal Announces 365-Day Extension of Farm Journal Field Days

Live events and online content combine to deliver information and resources when farmers need them most.

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The Importance of Waiting: 4-H Teaches That Some Things Can't Be Rushed

As I watched my daughter arrange and rearrange her misshapen pumpkins on our porch, I couldn’t help but smile. In her eyes they were all absolutely perfect. She didn’t see the blemishes and imperfections.