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When Sick Dairy Calves on the Farm are Unlikely to Recover

Decision-making for treating tough diseases in dairy calves is complex and challenging. Sometimes timely euthanasia is needed. More training and support for calf caretakers are needed in the process.

VIDEO: Meet Trust In Beef Industry Partner U.S. Roundtable For Sustainable Beef

Trust In Beef is pleased to introduce a series of collaborative value chain program partners in a new video series. In this video, meet rancher and USRSB 2021/22 Chair Steve Wooten of Kim, Colo.

VIDEO: Meet Trust In Beef Partner U.S. Roundtable For Sustainable Beef

To highlight the voices of individuals and companies helping beef producers on their sustainability journey, Trust In Beef™ is spotlighting the collaborative value chain program’s partners in a new video series.

High Temperatures Take a Toll on Fed Cattle. DVM Weighs In

A heat index crisis hit in southwest Kansas on June 11. Cattle were lost. Dr. Tera Barnhardt, DVM, MS, shared what happened to educate people and counter misinformation. Our condolences to those affected by the tragedy.

Vet Techs Address the Need for a 'Living Wage and Respect'

Eight veterinary technicians share their perspectives on their careers and the choices they've made along the way.

Tools Of The Trade for In-Field Necropsies

The right tools can make quick work of a routine necropsy, according to Dr. Dee Griffin. The opposite is true, too. He says buy a motorized sharpener, a single bit ax and. of course, the best knives you can afford.

Is Bovine Respiratory Disease Painful?

Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine researchers addressed this important question in a recent study. Dr. Miriam Martin summarized the study results and what the team learned for Bovine Veterinarian readers.

Where Diagnosis and Parole Boards Meet

It has been said the act of diagnosis is the most difficult undertaking of human beings. Medical errors seem inevitable, but there are small steps we can take to address many of the contributing factors. Here are three.

Michigan State University to host 6th International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare as a Webinar Series

The Sixth International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare will take place virtually as a series of monthly webinars held on the fourth Wednesday from February to June from 2-4 p.m. Eastern.

Op-Ed Compares Beef with Plant-Based Alternatives

Beef has a good image. Consumers by and large say that beef's taste, appearance, price, and natural goodness greatly exceeds that of plant-based proteins.

Focus on Late-Gestation Nutrition for Calves That Thrive

Keep your sight on nutrition that optimizes fetal development in the final trimester.

How Does Your Take-Home Pay Stack Up?

For the purpose of this study, the Special Reports Team at analyzed the Bureau’s 2020 Report on Veterinarians with a specific focus on the annual mean wage within each state for veterinarians.

You can Make Tank De-Icers Stay Put

Cattle kept flipping the floating de-icer out of the stock tank until Dan Norris, Markle, Ind., made a stationary frame.

Q&A With Lindsay Reames, VP, Sustainability & External Relations, Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative

The cooperative and its partners are using sustainability as a starting point for conversations about dairies’ plans for business growth and the future of the industry.

Idaho C-Section

This is an excerpt from Dr. Linda Rhodes' memoir. She is in the process of gathering oral histories from other women who were also pioneers in large animal medicine. Read on for more information.

Veterinary Viewpoints: Controlling Internal Parasites In Sheep And Goats

Gastrointestinal parasites cause significant economic losses and are listed in the top three fatal conditions in sheep and goats.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools For The Job

The right tools can make quick work of a routine necropsy. The opposite is true as well.

Don’t Get Fooled by Figures (Part II)

This article can help you have more confidence in evaluating data that's shared graphically, so you can better separate accurate information from inaccurate.

Don’t Get Fooled by Figures (Part I)

This article can help you have more confidence in evaluating data that's shared graphically, so you can better separate accurate information from the inaccurate.

Klebsiella Mastitis: What Management Tools Are in Your Toolbox?

In this article, Dr. Patrick Gorden, Iowa State University, addresses the issue of mastitis caused by the emerging pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae. He says exposure prevention is key to infection control.

Preparing For Dehorning? Here's A Review Of Proper Protocol

The chances of a successful dehorning improve when the protocol is executed by trained personnel. The use of an appropriate, well-designed training program also improves safety and wound management.

Technology In The Veterinary Workplace
Technology In The Veterinary Workplace: Consider The Value Of Thermal Audits

New technology in temperature detection and logging provide veterinarians an opportunity to establish consulting programs around thermal audits of their producers’ operations as well as improve animal care.

Protocol Drift Lessens Scours Vaccination Efficacy, Survey Says

To better understand why calves are still getting sick, a leading animal health marketing research firm completed a survey capturing the deviation level outside of vaccine label requirements.

Make a checklist of the things you believe are important to include on your resume.
Three Ways To Prepare For A Job Interview

If you’re coming out of veterinary school this December – or looking for an internship – it’s time to start preparing for that first job interview.

Guest Commentary
The Art And Science Of Time Management From A Veterinarian's Perspective

Learning how to prioritize is important. Doing those things identified as important first helps streamline your time spent.

 The award recognizes outstanding dairy operations for reproductive efficiency and well-implemented procedures.
DCRC Opens Herd Reproduction Award Nominations

Nominations are due April 30.