Latest News From Beef Cattle

12 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Disease in Feedlots

Sound management, health protocols and facilities maintenance can help achieve the ultimate goal of keeping cattle healthy and productive.

BQA Low Stress Cattle Handling Principles

Sound care and handling practices, based on years of experience and research are known to impact the well-being of cattle, individual animal health and herd productivity.

Is Grass-Fed Beef Healthier or Better for the Environment?

Oklahoma State University meat scientist Gretchen Mafi has studied the scientific differences between beef that comes from animals finished on a grain diet versus those animals finished on grass.

National Institute for Animal Agriculture to Host Equine Industry Leaders

Equine leaders will discuss the importance and sustainability of the working ranch horse at NIAA’s Annual Conference in April.

What Does the Drought of 2022 Mean for Lactating Pairs in the Spring of 2023?

While some parts of the U.S. remain in drought conditions and the soil moisture profile is in a deficit due to months of below normal precipitation, grass growth will likely be impacted this spring.

Is It Time to Re-Program Your Cowherd?

Now is the time to take a close look at our business model and specifically the “production factory” in the cow-calf business, says Mark Johnson of OSU.

Use Caution With Heat Lamps and Newborn Livestock

Providing additional heat in the form of heat lamps for newborn lambs, kids and calves inside a “hot box” can aid in newborn survivability.

Diversify Income Opportunities with Multispecies Grazing

Grazing sheep, goats or cattle together can open up new market opportunities and help improve pasture stewardship.

Scott King to Lead U.S. Cattle Business for Boehringer Ingelheim

King brings more than three decades of animal health experience to the role. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and practiced veterinary medicine for 10 years.

Six Ways to Address Lice Now

There's a lot of winter left in cattle country. One of the issues often overlooked this time of year are lice problems. Here are six reminders on how to effectively address this pest.

Acidosis: Here's What You Need to Know

Changing cattle diets may seem simple. However, it's important to know if diet changes require an adaptation period to avoid health problems, such as acidosis.

Replacement Heifer Dynamics

Uncertain when, but there will be strong interest in rebuilding the herd when conditions permit. Leaving aside the question of more drought, what's possible in 2023 given current availability of replacement heifers?

Aerial Gunning of Feral Cattle in New Mexico Set to Begin, USFS Violates Agreement

Feral cattle in New Mexico’s Gila National Forest are expected to come under crosshairs once again as USFS and USDA APHIS plan to decrease the area’s population via aerial gunning, beginning Thursday, Feb. 23.

Understanding Diseases Associated with Histophilus Somni

Veterinarians and researchers have hypothesized why H. somni is becoming more widespread and increasingly prevalent, but there is not a clear culprit.

Could BRD Cases Decline In High-Risk Cattle With Delayed Vaccination?

While vaccination is widely considered a critical component of cattle health management, could the timing of vaccination impact the efficiency of the product?

State of the Cattle Industry: Supply Shock Results in 61 Year Low in Beef Cow Herd and Record Price Forecast

With the massive liquidation of the nation's cattle herd due to the historic drought what is the state of the cattle industry?

Feeding Monensin to Cows Decreases Intake but Increases Efficiency

Practices that decrease feed costs without affecting productivity have potential to improve profitability. Ionophores can increase energetic efficiency and reduce production of waste molecules such as methane.

Will Cattle Prices Smash New Records This Year, Topping 2014?

After years of liquidation, the U.S. cattle herd continues to contract. With drought still a driving force behind lower cattle numbers, market experts think cattle price could top previous price records set back in 2014.

Veterinarians Honored with 2023 NCBA Environmental Stewardship Award

Will and Monnie Carter, DVMs, based near Pintlala, Ala., and their children, received the Region ll award for work to steward their land and water. The Carters own a cow herd of Sim-Angus and Brangus crossbred females. 

U.S. Cattle Herd Smallest in Eight Years

America's beef cow herd shrank by 4% last year, leaving the total inventory down 3% and the smallest in eight years.

Health Advocates and Online Activists Sue FDA Over Antibiotics in Livestock

A coalition of public health advocacy groups and online activists have filed a lawsuit against the FDA and its Center for Veterinary Medicine, challenging the decision to keep important antibiotics in animal ag.

Groups Seek Reintroduction of American Beef Labeling Act

Fifty groups and organizations recently sent a letter to Congress members encouraging reintroduction of the American Beef Labeling Act in 2023.

Sexten: Feeding the Foundation

In a year with rising commodity prices and limited availability, strategically feeding forages may offer the best option to deliver supplemental nutrients using existing infrastructure and equipment.

Cattle Health Impacts Carcass Traits

While genetic selection and feeding decisions play a large role in the quality of beef product reaching consumers' plates, a number of studies show cattle health is also a key factor affecting carcass quality.

Purchasing Thin Cows: Opportunity or A Train Wreck?

In every drought cycle some producers have an earlier end to the drought than others while others are more severely affected by drought. This cows are often available to purchase, but they aren't always a bargain.

Fescue Foot Reported in Missouri Cattle

Reports of fescue foot in Missouri has extension specialists urging producers to check herds for warning signs of the disease in January when it most often occurs.

Don’t Forget the Cows

Cows contribute half the genetics and all the colostrum.

The Best Water Tanks for Winter

Breaking ice on water tanks is often a daily or multiple times per day task this time of year. What water systems do you have on your operation to ensure cattle always have water on the coldest days of winter?

Calf Scours Prevention Starts Now

While there are many seasonal preparations to consider before calving season begins, calf scours prevention is not always one that comes to mind. However, the best time to mitigate the risks of the disease is now.

Remote water monitoring provides easy access to water management

Ranchbot has developed reliable, remote water monitoring solutions that can be viewed anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand.

Coccidiosis Affecting Calves in North Dakota

Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that affects several different animal species. In cattle, it may produce clinical symptoms in animals from 1 month to 1 year of age, but it can infect all age groups.

The Value of Vitamin A

In addition to playing an important role in reproductive efficiency, vitamin A is essential for vision, bone growth, and maintaining epithelial tissue such as skin and hooves.

Melatonin Improves Growth Performance, Research Suggests

An Arkansas scientist has shown that a common and inexpensive hormone additive may mitigate the ill effects on growth performance of calves born to cows grazed on endophyte-infected fescue pastures during gestation.

Producers Beware: A Look Inside the Animal Activists' Playbook

Here’s three key claims and takeaways from this year’s animal rights extremist conferences and how they plan to turn consumers away from meat, poultry and dairy products.

Profit Tracker: Beef Packer Losses Largest since 2017

The pendulum continues swinging toward cattle feeders as cash prices jumped $3 last week and left packers with their largest negative margins in nearly six years.

Syngenta Joins Trust In Beef™

Trust In Beef™ announced Syngenta has joined as a partner of the collaborative value chain program helping ranchers integrate climate-smart agriculture systems into their operations

Genetic Improvement 101

Genetic improvement can be complicated. Here’s a look at the basics.

Herd Liquidation May Be Slowing Down

It seems likely that many producers have adjusted herd inventories, given hay and feed supplies, to be able get through the winter.

What's A Good Bull Worth?

Determining the value of a bull is an important question, and one that is a challenge to answer. Mark Johnson, DVM, Oklahoma State, offers some calculations to help determine a value.

Biggest Manure Pile in U.S. History Excreted Sweet Stink of Money

A steaming heap of manure large enough to fill a sporting arena once triggered an Iowa war between stockyards and city fathers.

7 Tips to Get Livestock Through the Winter

Pasture and hay supplies are short in many areas. Here's a list of options and tips for livestock producers to consider for feeding their livestock this winter.

Beef Quality Assurance Doesn't End at the Farm Gate

BQA Transportation is a comprehensive management program that incorporates responsible practices in all phases of transporting cattle.

Finish the Race Strong: Quality Nutrition a must for Cowherd Success

The third trimester is critical to calf development – like the final leg of a race – and cows need to be primed to reach the finish line.

Weaning Considerations for Healthy Calves

Whether calves will be retained and backgrounded or sold shortly after weaning, it is important to consider the impacts of weaning strategies on calf health and performance.

Greater Omaha Packing Will Expand 30%

The nation’s fifth-largest beef packer will receive a grant from USDA that will help add 700 head to its daily harvest capacity.

Protein Supplementation: What Should I Know Before Purchasing?

In developing a protein supplementation strategy, it is important to consider what is the goal of feeding the protein supplement and that not all protein sources are equal.

Successful Administration of an Implant begins with the Right Technique

Poor implanting techniques can significantly impact how well implants work and can result in poor gains, feed conversion and behavior issues. Some precautions make sure common mistakes don’t cause problems.

BIF Releases Decision Support Tool for Beef Cattle Selection

The iGENDEC product was developed with the financial support of a USDA NIFA grant with the aim of helping enterprises make genetic selection decisions that are specific to their unique circumstances.

Sustainable Beef Systems Can Achieve Climate Neutrality

Jason Sawyer, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, explained the state of the beef industry with regard to climate concerns and discussed mitigation pathways that might help achieve climate neutrality.

Management Tools to Maximize Reproduction

Elanco Animal Health is addressing reproductive factors for the cow-calf herd during a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 1 p.m. Central. The program is approved for 1 hour of continuing education (RACE credit).