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Tips To Lessen Disease Risks

Veterinarians say there are steps producers can take to lessen disease risks before bringing new animals into your operation.

Winter Supplementation of Beef Calves – When Supplementation Doesn’t Pay

Many producers assume providing minimal protein supplementation to target approximately 1.0 pound/day gain during the winter is the most economical system. However, research data would suggest otherwise.

Peel: A First Look at Fall/Winter Stocker Grazing

Most components of fall and winter stocker budgets are uncertain at this point but it’s not too early to begin to pencil out possibilities, evaluating risk and perhaps taking actions to lock in some budget components.

Supplemental Feeding of Stockers Grazing Summer Grass

Reduced performance or ‘Summer Slump’ is associated with decreasing forage quality during the late summer.

Study Shows No Difference in Cattle Gains Between Well and Pond Water

Producers know that quality water is the single most important nutrient for the survival of animals.