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Time to Break Out the Calf Jackets

Because newborn calves have very little body fat to help them stay warm, calf jackets can help them preserve energy, protect immunity and improve daily gain.

Do you have a Calf Herd Program?

While Lung Ultrasound is the cornerstone of any good Calf Herd Health Program, there are many other benefits to getting your herd vet in your calf barn on a regular basis.

Heifer Shortage to Limit Expansion

Crossbreeding for beef cows and the cost of raising heifers have added to the replacement heifer shortage.

The Heifer Discussion

The increased cost associated with raising heifers has made producers retool their thinking. Earlier management decisions are happening on dairies, with a more dialed-in, strategic breeding philosophy being adapted.

Dairy Semen Sales hit 17-Year-Low: What Will the Trend be Going Forward?

With the cost of inflation impacting every corner of a dairy, the producer’s breeding strategy has been forced to become finetuned. More and more producers are keeping just enough replacements to fill the pipeline,.

Bodyweight at First Calving: How Critical Is It?

Growing the ideal heifer is an ever-changing goal. A research team from Penn State University and the University of Florida recently explored the impact of bodyweight at first calving on milk yield and herd longevity.

Mycotoxins Threaten Calves and Heifers, Too

They’re a danger to milk cows, to be sure. But mycotoxins in feedstuffs also can be damaging to the health and development of calves and heifers.

Don’t Mismanage Heifer Mastitis

Between 29% to 74% of heifers have mastitis pathogens present before calving, and an estimated 12% to 57% end up contracting the infection at first calving.

Know a Calf’s Vital Signs

Calves coming down with illness often are very good at masking their symptoms in the early stages.

When You See Blood in Scours

Bloody scours in calves is never a welcome sight, but diagnosing the source can help with treatment and preventing future cases.

Antibiotics in Calf Milk Rations Studied

A group of Chinese dairy researchers recently examined whether the presence of antibiotics in the liquid ration impacted the growth, ruminal function or gut microbial population of preweaned calves.

A New Way to Add Fat to Calf Starter Rations

A European research team led by world-renowned calf and heifer researcher Alex Bach has investigated a new method for delivering fat that may have merit for commercial application.

Journal of Dairy Science Presents Series on Calf Health & Management

The October issue of the Journal of Dairy Science features six new articles on preweaned heifer calf management.

DCHA Returns to Madison, Wisconsin, for 2019 Annual Conference

Mark your calendar to attend the 2019 Dairy Calf & Heifer Association (DCHA) Annual Conference, April 9-11, at the Madison Marriott West, Middleton, Wis.

Applications for $1,000 scholarship due March 30, 2018.
DCHA Seeks Applicants for Annual Scholarship Program

Applications for $1,000 scholarship due March 30, 2018.

Reflective Hutch Covers Keep Calves Cool

These low-cost, highly reflective covers that can be placed directly on hutches to reflect heat away.