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Parlor Waiting Time Not Highly Correlated with Activity and Resting Behaviors

A recent study at a northern Colorado dairy showed whether cows had to wait a long time to be milked or a little did not have much impact on their subsequent activity and resting behavior.

As cows leave the milking parlor, they will enter an exit lane with a series of automated gates. As they pass through the gates, an RFID system will track the identification number and medical history of each animal and determine whether she needs a vaccination or reproductive hormone.
Robotic Shot Injection System Under Development For Dairy

Developers say the automated system will reduce the amount of labor required to administer shots, thereby reducing out-of-pocket costs, while improving herd health and production outcomes in the process.

British Cows Get Own Tinder-Style App for Breeding

Farmers swipe right on Tudder mobile app to find matches for cows.