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Set Micro Goals to Accomplish Big Dreams in 2023

Instead of writing down these big audacious goals, Jon Acuff, an entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling author, has better advice: Set micro goals. 

Global Feed Production Estimates Released in 2023 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook

Combining data from 142 countries and over 28,000 feed mills, Alltech recently shared its 2023 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook with global feed production survey data.

Best, Four-Legged Farm Hands Announced in Farm Bureau’s Farm Dog of the Year Contest

Providing purpose both on and off the farm, farm and ranch dogs earn top honors, selected from over 100 contestants across the nation, in the annual Farm Bureau contest.

DVM Named Undersecretary For Food Safety 

The U.S. Senate confirmed Jose Emilio Esteban, a veterinarian, as undersecretary for food safety with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in December.

Nine Research Grants Focus on Improving Beef and Swine Antibiotic Use

The International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Agriculture (ICASA) has awarded nine grants to develop management strategies that improve judicious antibiotic use in beef cattle and swine.

A Magical Rural Minnesota Christmas Tree

In 2012, Jerry Lageson flipped the switch and transformed an oak tree into a landmark for thousands of passersby. South of Faribault, Minn., Lageson annually adorns this tree with 50,000 white lights.

Profit Tracker: Packers Can’t Stop The Bleeding

Beef packers saw per head losses nearly double last week as wholesale beef prices tumbled $7 per cwt. lower. Pork processors are also found negative margins and producer margins remain short of breakeven.

Senators Propose Eliminating Tax Liability for IRA Assistance for Distressed Farmers

The Family Farmer and Rancher Tax Fairness Act would remove the tax liability for distressed farmers for the assistance provided in Sections 22006 and 22007 of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Producers Beware: A Look Inside the Animal Activists' Playbook

Here’s three key claims and takeaways from this year’s animal rights extremist conferences and how they plan to turn consumers away from meat, poultry and dairy products.

Sen. Booker Proposes Industrial Agricultural Accountability Act

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker on Tuesday announced proposed legislation aimed at ending line-speed increases and “meatpacker self-inspection programs.”

Anti-Animal Ag Media Criticizes UC Davis Researchers, Dr. Mitloehner Tells All

After two recent articles from New York Times and Unearthed criticize Dr. Frank Mitloehner and his team at UC Davis, the "GHGGuru" joins Agritalk to share the facts and his perspective on the media's antics.

Profit Tracker: Cash Cattle Highest in Seven Years

The pendulum continues to swing in cattlemen's favor as cash prices rally $3 per cwt. Pork producers see improved profit margins with a $7 per cwt. rally.

Join the Animal Agriculture Alliance as “Partners in Progress” at 2023 Stakeholders Summit

How can we create a sustainable future for animal agriculture? By building it together, says AAA. The 2023 Stakeholders Summit theme has been set, and speaker proposals and applications are open.

Land O’Lakes CEO Praises U.S. Farmers for Their Role in Food Security

The leader of one of America’s largest food and agriculture companies said the country’s farmers should be celebrated for their crucial role in providing food security, even if their work is sometimes overlooked.

Want To End Hunger? Animal Protein May Be the Answer

The White House announced several steps to increase access of fruits and vegetables as a food source, but some say animal protein is also an answer to the need for healthy and nutritious food for all Americans.  

Meat Companies Helping To End Hunger in the United States

The North American Meat Institute and America’s leading meat companies are advancing industry-wide best practices and increasing access to nutrient-dense meat for families in need.

Swiss Voters to Decide on ‘Factory Farming’ Ban

Voters in Switzerland will decide on a referendum that would ban "factory farming" and tighten its already strict animal welfare regulations.

When Disaster Strikes: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Provides New Insight

What do the pork, beef and poultry industries have in common? Taking a look at the impacts of a disease outbreak might lead to striking similarities.

Profit Tracker: Feedings Costs 25% Higher YOY

The average cost of feeding a steer to finish weight was 25% higher for cattle marketed last week and is projected to be 31% higher for cattle placed on feed last week at roughly $600 per head.

Activist Threats Aren’t Just on the Farm Anymore

Grocery stores have become a battleground for extremists pressuring retailers to remove meat, milk, poultry and eggs from shelves. Recent trends have shown an uptick in store protests, demonstrations and food tampering.

Australia Raises Its FMD Alert

Australian authorities said this week they have detected "viral fragments" of foot and mouth disease on a small number of products entering the country from Indonesia and China.

The ‘Beagle Brigade’ Receives Industry-Wide Support in Protection of U.S. Agriculture

Canines serve as a valuable asset in protecting the U.S. agriculture industry, helping detect foreign animal diseases and other invasive species and pests from entering the border.

John Phipps: Is There Really a Tick That Can Cause You to Lose Your Appetite for Red Meat?

One big emerging threat is alpha-gal which is short for galactose-alpha – a carbohydrate deposited by the tick that triggers a severe allergic reaction in the digestive system after eating red meat.

Easier Said ... But It Must Be Done

If we, who believe animal-derived proteins are good for people, do not share animal agriculture’s story, those who wish to diminish or eliminate animal agriculture from the food system will lead the conversation.

Good News: Millennials Still Love to Eat Meat

Memorial Day weekend is known as the unofficial kickoff to grilling season. Even with the push to more plant-based proteins, meat is still in high demand. Millennials are one of the largest groups of meat eaters.

Beat the Summer Heat

As outdoor temperatures increase, so does the possibility of heat stress or even heat stroke. But there are ways to avoid getting “overheated” this summer, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts.

Farm Journal and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture Team Up to Help Animal Ag Share Its Story

Consumers are interested in how animal agriculture affects health and wellness, environmental stewardship, animal welfare and worker safety. Now is the time for a more robust and meaningful conversation.

Public-Private Partnerships Build Global Markets for U.S. Farm Goods, Adding $9.6 Billion In Export Value

Programs to help U.S. farmers build markets overseas boosted agricultural exports by an average of $9.6 billion annually from 1977 to 2019, representing 13.7 percent of total agricultural export value, says a new study.

Merck Animal Health Donates $250,000 to Iowa State University for New Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Merck Animal Health announced a $250,000 donation to Iowa State University to support the new Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Impact of Increased Use of Non-GM Feed on Animal Feed Industry

Continued demand for non-GMO feed for livestock will increase greenhouse gas emissions on farms, and raise consumer prices for meat, milk and eggs, according to a study by Iowa State University.

pickup trucks
Need a Truck? This New Online Dealership Caters to Aggies

The team at Certified Agriculture Dealer says its listings include new and used inventory and are updated daily.

Global Farmer Survey Highlights Profitability, Innovation, and Technology Adoption

Report reveals a shift to technology to support existing farming practices as globally producers look to innovate in the face of changing market pressures.

Iowa State Forms Strategic Alliance with Merck Animal Health to Drive New Innovation

A new strategic alliance will bring together industry and academia to speed up the exchange of ideas and to booster innovative solutions to animal health challenges in the U.S. and around the world.

By Her Own Hand: A Farm Girl’s Miraculous Journey from Death to Hope

Maddison Caldwell woke up on Dec. 19, 2019, with a plan for the ultimate act of finality. Death by her own hand. Here's the miraculous story of her journey from death to hope.

Ordinary to Outrageous: Top 10 Agricultural Seizures of 2021

It’s no surprise pork products made the U.S. CBP's Top 10 Agriculture Seizures of 2021 list more than once. Protecting animal ag is a high priority, especially as deadly swine viruses like ASF move closer to the U.S.

Greg Henderson
Activists Play Grinch, Seek End To ‘Animal Gifting’

Animal activist groups went full Grinch-mode this week, calling for the end of "animal gifting" programs such as Heifer International and 'Hatching Hope' that work to support impoverished people. Because, well, Humbug!

Meat Institute Announces Ambitious Climate Target

The North American Meat Institute announced that 100% of its members will deliver independently approved science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement goals by 2030.

Alltech’s 2020 Sustainability Report Underscores its Commitment to a Planet of Plenty

Alltech believes agriculture can meet global demand and positively impact the future of our planet. The company's vision of Working Together for a Planet of PlentyTM is reflected its 2020 Alltech Sustainability Report.

Cutting Into The Center Of Meat Processors' Labor Pains, This State Is Rolling Out A Hot Dog Factory On Wheels

As labor woes continue to cripple meat processing plants, Missouri is rolling out a unique concept to answer many processors’ biggest need. The classroom on wheels will provide workforce development at a pivotal time.

Here’s What You Need to Document on Drug Treatment Records

If you or an employee treats an animal with a drug, it’s important to keep adequate and updated treatment records.

Non-Profit Focuses On Mental Health Needs Across Rural America

Addressing mental health is a significant challenge in rural America due to unique barriers. Rural Minds™ provides education and resources to confront the stigma of mental illness.

UC-Davis Professor Calls Methane Emissions an Opportunity

Agriculture can be a powerful part of the solution in reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. That's the message Frank Mitloehner, animal scientist and air quality expert, delivered at a lecture at Kansas State.

It’s Unlikely the U.S. Will Escape ASF

While there are lots of reasons to believe ASF in the Dominican Republic is not a sure sign it will penetrate the U.S. industry, still, everyone has become focused on it and how slippery it is to contain.

California Launches Team to Provide Aid to Livestock and Domestic Animals During Emergencies

The California Veterinary Emergency Team will be overseen by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and will support and train a network of government agencies and organizations to aid animals during emergencies.

See the 2021 Farm Journal Field Day Agendas

In 2021, you have the choice to join Farm Journal Field Days in person or online.

Animal Ag Groups Launch Protein PACT

Twelve groups representing farmers and companies who make a majority of America’s meat, poultry, dairy and animal feed and ingredients, unveiled the Protein PACT for the People, Animals, and Climate of Tomorrow

New Product In Battle With Feral Hogs

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced a new tool in the war against feral hogs with the release of a new hog contraceptive bait entering the market this week.

FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccination with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

“We know rural areas are different from urban areas, people are more spread out, it's not always as easy to travel to one location that's close to everyone to get a vaccine," Dr. Murthy says.

When Stress Goes Beyond Normal 

It started with a broken baler. The farmer panicked. He had recently lost his brother to cancer and his father to old age. Not to mention he had 2,500 acres to farm, 250 beef cows to attend to and his crop just froze. 

Bouncing Back from Failure

Failure is a part of life, but how we bounce back from it determines how successful we will become.