Latest News From winter feeding

Forage Testing is Good Management

Testing forage and feed for nutrient quality helps ranchers ensure they are meeting nutrient requirements for optimum beef cattle performance.

Strategic Feedlot Bedding

Providing bedding is one of the time-tested strategies for dealing with winter weather. But how does bedding affect the bottom-line?

Weather the Freeze: 3 Tips to Ensure Cattle Have Winter Water Access

Strategies to keep your water sources open and clear to drink to optimize your cattle’s performance during winter.

The Best Water Tanks for Winter

Breaking ice on water tanks is often a daily or multiple times per day task this time of year. What water systems do you have on your operation to ensure cattle always have water on the coldest days of winter?

7 Tips to Get Livestock Through the Winter

Pasture and hay supplies are short in many areas. Here's a list of options and tips for livestock producers to consider for feeding their livestock this winter.

Protein Supplementation: What Should I Know Before Purchasing?

In developing a protein supplementation strategy, it is important to consider what is the goal of feeding the protein supplement and that not all protein sources are equal.

How Much Hay Will A Cow Consume? Estimate Your Winter Feed Needs

Estimating forage usage by cows is an important part of the task of calculating winter feed needs. Hay or standing forage intake must be estimated in order to make the calculations.

Be Careful Grazing Alfalfa

Grazing regrowth on irrigated alfalfa fields is likely in fall grazing plans for many producers. However, alfalfa has several challenges to grazing from animal and plant health perspective.

Swath Grazing

As expenses increase and producers evaluate more-efficient management techniques to lower production costs, one alternative may be to incorporate swath, or windrow grazing.

Cold Weather Nutrition for Beef Cows

Feed requirements of cows during winter weather varies, depending on body condition, temperature, moisture, and hair coat. The Mesonet Cattle Comfort Advisor helps calculate how much feed is necessary.

Cows, Calves, and Cold Weather Concerns: Prepare for Winter Conditions

When harsh winter conditions are in the forecast, avoid being caught off-guard and consider these ways to manage your cows, calves, and bulls to help them weather the storm.

Winter Supplementation of Beef Calves – When Supplementation Doesn’t Pay

Many producers assume providing minimal protein supplementation to target approximately 1.0 pound/day gain during the winter is the most economical system. However, research data would suggest otherwise.

Don’t Wait on Winter Cow Nutrition Preparation

Develop feeding plans now to maintain body condition and reproductive performance.

Virginia Tech Testing Bee-Friendly Forage Material

Fescue is hardy, but can harbor a fungus that causes health issues for cattle. It also crowds out native plants, which can harm pollinator populations. A Virginia Tech study aims to solve both problems.