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A New Kind of “A.I.” for Dairies

Move over, artificial insemination. There’s a new “A.I.” in town, and it’s more intelligent than you.

Parlor Waiting Time Not Highly Correlated with Activity and Resting Behaviors

A recent study at a northern Colorado dairy showed whether cows had to wait a long time to be milked or a little did not have much impact on their subsequent activity and resting behavior.

Are Cow Noses the New Fingerprint to Unlocking Livestock Facial Recognition?

Similar to human fingerprints, cow noses are detailed, nearly unique, difficult to change, and remain the same over the life of an individual, making them ideal long-term markers of identity.

Focus on the Pen, Not Individual Cows, to Deliver Profits

Monitoring what's happening at the pen level, rather than for individual dairy cows, is proving to be the best approach for producers with more than 1,000 cows.

As cows leave the milking parlor, they will enter an exit lane with a series of automated gates. As they pass through the gates, an RFID system will track the identification number and medical history of each animal and determine whether she needs a vaccination or reproductive hormone.
Robotic Shot Injection System Under Development For Dairy

Developers say the automated system will reduce the amount of labor required to administer shots, thereby reducing out-of-pocket costs, while improving herd health and production outcomes in the process.

The Decade Ahead: Societal Trends Will Leave Their Mark On Agriculture

The past decade has been weird and wacky to say the least. It makes you wonder what’s in store for the next 10 years. Here are some possible hints.

Check Out Your High-Speed Internet Options

Understand your needs and available services.

British Cows Get Own Tinder-Style App for Breeding

Farmers swipe right on Tudder mobile app to find matches for cows.

Scout The Tech Horizon

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