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Vaccines can play an important role in addressing pinkeye.
Pinkeye Case Studies Show Advantages Of Custom-Made Vaccines

A proactive, preventative approach to pinkeye using custom-made vaccines may help minimize outbreaks and reduce the number of cattle needing antibiotic treatment.

HerdPoint Software Now Included In GVL Platform

The company says HerdPoint simplifies the nonadjacent-herd approval process and provides veterinarians with an in-depth view into their ongoing isolate management.

Advanced Diagnostics Help Battle Evolving Pinkeye Challenges

Untreated pinkeye infections can lead to blindness and permanent damage in 72 hours or less.

Pinkeye is a bacterial infection of the eye that causes inflammation and, in severe cases, temporary or permanent blindness.
Advanced Diagnostics Help Battle Evolving Pinkeye Challenges

As pinkeye becomes more complex to control, advanced diagnostics play a critical role in providing producers and veterinarians with a solution.