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Third AFBF Survey Reveals Stark Reality of Western Drought

Drought continues to hammer farmers and ranchers in Western, Central and Southern Plains states, with far-reaching implications for farmers’ and ranchers’ bottom lines, and also food availability and affordability.

Cattle Producers Face Relentless Heat and Drought, Hard Decisions To Be Made

Challenging conditions continue to plague cattle ranchers as they run short of feed and are forced to make tough decisions for their operation.

Drovers Drought Webinar is Wednesday – Register Here

Drought has been a topic of conversation among ranchers for several months. Join us Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 3 p.m. CST as we discuss drought and it's impacts on producers.

John Phipps: Why Can't the U.S. Figure Out a Way to Move Water From the Great Lakes to the West?

As the Western U.S. faces a megadrought, why can't the U.S. move water around the country like it's done with energy? John Phipps explores the physical and political hurdles potential water infrastructure would face.

Managing Cows Through Dry Conditions: What Options Do I Have?

Hot, dry conditions have taken a toll on pasture growth this year. What should cattle producers consider to conserve grass in these dry areas?

July Farm Country Forecast: Hot Like a Firecracker

Unfortunately, the heat, humidity and dry conditions of early summer look to extend into the next few months. 

Did High Heat And Humidity Really Cause Cattle Deaths In Kansas? The Latest Look at Potential Losses

Feedyards battled through the intense conditions to keep their cattle safe this week. The heat and humidity proved devastating, and estimates point to western Kansas feedlots seeing losses of 100 to 500 head per day.

Helping Cattle Cope with Summer Heat

After seeing the devastation of a major heat stress event, consider these strategies to help mitigate heat stress issues in the herd.

Heat Warnings Sweep Across U.S.: What You Should Know

This week, dangerous heat is sweeping across Texas to Wisconsin to Ohio to Georgia.

The U.S. Just Broke a 27-Week Drought Streak, But Forecasts Don't Look Promising

Less than 50% of the continental U.S. is in moderate drought for the first time since November, but with another drought record still running strong, forecasts show drought could grow over the summer months.

reduced forage due to drought in North Dakota
Dealing with Drought Webinar to Assist Cow-Calf Producers with Decision Making

Drought is not a new issue to cow-calf producers, but many factors make this year unique. Kansas State will host a webinar to help producers weigh options on May 19.

"It's Not Hollywood At All": How Veeder Ranch Battled Historic Blizzards, Found Hope in the Middle of the Storm

Back-to-back blizzards in April meant the Veeders battled Mother Nature at the height of calving season. While they did everything they could to save newborn calves, they also saw relief in the form of vital moisture.

Ranchers Battle Back-to-Back Blizzards, Now Near-Record Flooding Blankets the East, Yet North Dakota Still Isn't Drought-Free

North Dakota's weather took a sharp turn with a blizzard Easter week. With multiple blizzard making it though for ranchers, and then heavy rain that fell this past weekend, portions of North Dakota are seeing flooding.

Ranchers Now Faced With Difficult Decisions As Drought and Wildfires Wage War on the Plains

High winds and eerily dry conditions across Kansas and the Southern Plains have created what’s been a battleground for continuous wildfires this year, as the fires are robbing some ranchers of vital grass.

blizzard l
North Dakota Rancher Braces For Crippling Blizzard That Could Be Catastrophic During Calving Season

Central North Dakota seems to be the bullseye for the blizzard, with forecasts showing that area could see more than two feet of snow, along with winds that could cause white-out conditions.

What You Need To Know About USDA Announcing Payments To Livestock Producers Hammered By Drought, Soaring Feed Costs

USDA says the launch of the Emergency Livestock Relief Program (ELRP) will address increases in supplemental feed costs in 2021. Phase 1 of the payments is expected to total $577 million.

In this May 18, 2015 photo, irrigation pipes sit along a dry irrigation canal on a field farmed by Gino Celli, who relies on senior water rights to water his crops, near Stockton, Calif.
Drought Coverage Now Rivals 2012, Wheat Belt and Cattle Country Conditions Continue to Crumble

Drought covering the continental U.S. grew by 2 points this week, now covering nearly 60% of the country. As the drought grips the Wheat Belt and key areas for cattle production, it's creating concern for 2022.

Trapped by Raging Wildfires in December, Kansas Ranchers Share Staggering Story of Survival

Bar S Ranch was devastated by wildfire in December. The family lost 200 head of cattle, houses and barns. Grateful to be alive to share their story of survival, the family is thankful for donations and support since.

Come On In: The Ocean Temperatures Are Hot

Last year was hot. It was so hot, 2021 now holds the record for the hottest ocean temperatures ever.

From the Flames: A Lesson in Thanksgiving from a Man Who Survived a Raging Oklahoma Wildfire

When nearly 300,000 Oklahoma acres burned in April of 2018, Terry Burleson found himself caught in the wind-driven flames. His escape is nothing short of a miracle.

As California Wildfires Rage, State Leaders, Students and Veterinarians Launch Effort to Help Rescue Livestock

Western wildfires continue to rage in the west, as California's biggest wildfire is leading to widespread evacuations of livestock. And now there are efforts underway to care for animals left behind.

Free Webinar: Examining the Effects of the 2021 Drought

Join Drovers editor Greg Henderson and experts from all segments of the beef value chain to better understand the current and future dynamics of this crisis at 3 p.m. on Thursday, August 5, for this free discussion.

Dairy Report: California Drought Continues to Impact Dairy Producers

The drought out west isn't just impacting grain and livestock producers. It's also impacting California's dairy industry.

True Grit: A Tribute to Ranchers Who Weathered the Extremes This Week

The record cold temperatures and extreme weather had a major impact on ranchers across the country, but through it all, the men and women showed what the true definition of a rancher is.

Harvest came to a halt in some areas seeing snow, while other farmers continued to roll on with corn. The sudden shift to winter weather may be short-lived.
The Sudden Shift to Winter Weather May be Short-Lived

Harvest came to a halt in some areas seeing snow, while other farmers continued to roll on with corn. U.S. Farm Report meteorolgist says the winter weather will be short-lived across much of the country.

AgDay Weather: Potential Mountain Snow

AgDay meteorologist Mike Hoffman says there’s “not a lot going on” through the south land. However, there will be some mountain snows and potential snow North into Canada.

Drought Conditions Continue to Worsen

Drought conditions are continuing to grow.

With a strengthening La Nina, NOAA says the weather this winter will favor warmer and drier conditions across much of the southern tier of states, but the opposite for the North.
NOAA'S Winter Outlook is a Headache For Farmers Already Dealing with Drought

It could be a dry winter in the South and a wetter than normal winter in the North, according to NOAA's latest winter forecast. Nebraska state climatologist says she's concerned about soil moisture heading into spring.

Weather: “Chilly” Temperatures Felt to the North

A cold front is still dragging and bringing some showers to the Eastern Coast.

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Break from the Arctic Blast on the Way

Meteorologist Cindi Clawson has the latest on this Arctic blast and when relief is on the way.