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DOT Denies Hours of Service Exemption for Livestock: Puts Burden on Cattle Producers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has denied an exemption for Hours-of-Service rules for truckers transporting livestock, insects and aquatic animals.

Ring of Glory: Pennsylvania Teen Chases Dairy Dreams After Surviving House Fire

Pennsylvania teenager Reese Burdette continues her medical recovery from a 2014 housefire and returns to the showring at a Harrisburg dairy competition.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Fauci on COVID Pandemic — "It Will End"

Rural communities are likely to see an outbreak of the COVID-19 variant omicron later than big cities but Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the pandemic will eventually end.

Rural Hospitals Face Staffing Shortages Amid Omicron Outbreak

Small, rural hospitals are struggling to keep, find or hire staff as the omicron variant begins its push across rural America. Rural healthcare advocates say it's already creating an unsafe situation.

From the Flames: A Lesson in Thanksgiving from a Man Who Survived a Raging Oklahoma Wildfire

When nearly 300,000 Oklahoma acres burned in April of 2018, Terry Burleson found himself caught in the wind-driven flames. His escape is nothing short of a miracle.

Telemedicine and African Swine Fever: 5 Reasons to Take a Closer Look

The pandemic and the shortage of food animal veterinarians have catapulted the concept of telemedicine forward. As ASF inches closer to the U.S., experts say telemedicine could become even more useful. Here's why.

Help Cattle Beat the Heat with These Tips

Kansas State beef veterinarian A.J. Tarpoff explains some of the ways producers can help cattle be less stressed in high heat conditions.

Do Imported Rescue Dogs Pose Threat to Livestock Industry?

Each year, several thousand dogs enter the U.S. for resale or adoption. In a recent Hogs on the Hill article, NPPC chief veterinarian Liz Wagstrom wrote that it’s time to sound the alarm on importing rescue dogs.

Meat Packers Accelerated Spread of COVID-19, Study Says

New research published by the National Academy of Sciences ties livestock meat packing plants to 6% to 8% of U.S. COVID-19 cases, and 3% to 4% of the deaths through late July.

Drought Conditions Continue to Worsen

Drought conditions are continuing to grow.

Beef packing plant
Packer Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissed

The antitrust class-action lawsuit alleging America’s largest beef packers conspired to fix cattle prices has been dismissed by a federal judge in Minnesota.

Wisconsin Loses 818 Dairies in 2019, Largest Decline in State History

Wisconsin, known nationally as the nation’s dairy state, lost 818 dairy farms in 2019, a full 10% of its dairy herds.

High School Urging Career in Veterinary Sciences by Offering Classes

High School is a great starting point to begin searching for a career. In Illinois, One high school is urging students to look at veterinary science.