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Greg Henderson
Colorado Gov. Polis Transparently Undercuts Agriculture

Colorado ranchers say they are “under attack” by their governor after hiring a director of the Bureau of Animal Protection who has ties to Mercy for Animals and leads a project that promotes plant-based food choices.

Colorado's Kessler Out At State Vet Board After Calling Ranchers 'Lazy'

Ellen Kessler proved a lightning rod on Colorado’s Board of Veterinary Medicine from the moment she was appointed by Gov. Polis in 2020. Her service came to an end last week after an "unprofessional" social media post.

Greg Henderson
PAUSE Act A Radical Threat To Ranching

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has effectively hung a “welcome” sign out encouraging radical activist groups to make mischief in his state and torment ranchers. The first salvo is called the PAUSE Act.

Vet student Dave Williams and Dr. David Van Metre carry a ewe for an exam of her hoof during a CSU lambing course in Wyoming.
Colorado Program Addresses Need for Rural Veterinarians

At least one-third of Colorado’s 64 counties – encompassing vast stretches of ranchland on the Eastern Plains and Western Slope – lack veterinarians needed to care for sheep, hogs, dairy cattle, and beef cattle.