Webinar: Take a Stand Against Histophilus somni

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Histophilus somni is a disease-causing bacterium that can affect cattle of all classes and ages. From an economic standpoint, H. somni can be devastating as it's not only known to cause bovine respiratory disease (BRD), but cardiac lesions, brainers, arthritis and abortion, too. Furthermore, H. somni is considered one of the more opportunistic pathogens in that it is found most often in cattle with high stress levels -- and can quickly spread throughout the herd from there. The good news, however, is that H. somni is highly susceptible to tildipirosin -- the active ingredient in ZUPREVO® 18%. In this webinar, a representative from Merck Animal Health will cover all things Histophilus somni -- the who, what, when, where, why -- and what makes ZUPREVO a good choice for combatting H. somni in cattle.

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