Campus Connection: Response from Stephanie Tarlowe, DVM

Stephanie Tarlowe, DVM, 2019 graduate, Cornell University
Stephanie Tarlowe, DVM, 2019 graduate, Cornell University
(Cornell University)

On BovineVetOnline, we recently posted an article from Dr. Glenn Rogers, a beef-cattle veterinarian and immediate past-president at AABP, about what he learned by visiting dairies and interacting with dairy practitioners. As a follow-up to his insights, we asked our panel to answer this question:

Do you have an example of a lesson you’ve learned through experience with practices outside your chosen specialty?

Response from Stephanie Tarlowe, DVM, 2019 graduate, Cornell University


Similar to Dr. Rogers’ tour, I used several externships during vet school to gain experience outside of dairy. I spent two weeks with a swine practice, where a nursery's flu outbreak helped hone my ability to spot the sickest animals in a pen and determine treatment. A lambing rotation taught me to manage dystocias on a smaller scale. Additionally, I was an exchange student at the University of Ghent, where I assisted in dozens of cesarean sections on their famous Belgian Blues. I gained competency in the surgery while also seeing a different style of farming. While I was one of the dairy kids in school, I took a job in mixed practice and have been thrilled by the diversity. It also affords an opportunity to translate my cow skills to the small-animal side. I recently treated a uterine prolapse in a dog! Since I'd already replaced one in a cow, I was able to scale down the treatment plan and get the dog patched up without batting an eye.

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