Inhibidor Insecticidal: the First Pour-On with Triple Action Insect Control

Lice infestation.
Lice infestation.
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New Inhibidor Insecticidal Pour-On contains three active ingredients: diflubenzuron, piperonyl butoxide and lambda-cyhalothrin.

With an insect growth regulator, adulticide, and synergist combination, Inhibidor Pour-On provides control of chewing and sucking lice and kills horn flies, horse flies, and deer flies in cattle.
“Inhibidor Insecticidal Pour-On protects cattle from insect pests, allowing them to maximize grazing,” said Andrea Trinh, brand manager for the Farm & Ranch division of Central Life Sciences. “The Inhibidor formulation is the only pour-on with a triple-action formula for killing insects.”
Inhibidor Insecticidal Pour-On is a ready-to-use product that can be applied directly to cattle. This product can be used as part of an integrated pest management program to eliminate pests, which improves cow comfort and provides cattle the opportunity to graze more efficiently.
For more information about Inhibitor Insecticidal Pour-On as well as the complete lineup of professional insect control products from Central Life Sciences, visit
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