New Fermentation Product Supports Feed Efficiency in Finishing Cattle Rations

(S. Kidman & Co.)

Feed costs are a constant consideration for cattle feeders. Improving feed efficiency, even by a small margin, can pay big dividends in the long run.

“If cattle eat less and gain the same, it’s a nice advantage because you save on the amount you’re feeding. The cattle industry has continually focused on improving feed efficiency through nutrition and genetics,” says Ron Scott, Ph.D., director of beef technical innovation with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Purina EfficienZ fermentation product is designed to help take things a step further.”
The new EfficienZ fermentation product is a non-nutritive feed additive available in select Purina supplements to support feed efficiency and help improve feed conversion in finishing cattle rations by optimizing rumen function.
Efficiently Address Cost Of Production
Inflation and drought have led to higher feed costs this year, making optimized feed-to-gain conversion even more necessary than normal.
“Cattle producers want to get the most from their feed resources to create more pounds of beef,” says Scott. “And that’s what EfficienZ fermentation product is all about.”
The feed additive allows you to optimize feed-to-gain conversion and fermentation of feedstuffs in an easy, cost-effective way.
“EfficienZ fermentation product is a good fit for cattle feeders, not only for current market dynamics with the cost of production but enhanced feed conversion will always be important for the industry,” says Scott.
Research Shows Proven Benefits
Multiple feed trials went into the development of EfficienZ fermentation product. More than 300 cattle were fed performance finishing rations consisting of cracked corn, dried distillers’ grains with solubles, Purina SteakMaker 40-20 R400 supplement and 8% roughage. The only ration difference was the control group wasn’t fed EfficienZ fermentation product.
“The research showed cattle are gaining more weight, and they’re eating just a little more feed, but the net effect is better feed conversion,” says Scott. “That’s a promising outcome for cattle feeders to optimize feed efficiency.”

Performance research data, with the support of fermentation study results, suggests that when compared to a control group, cattle fed EfficienZ fermentation product have:
•    Improved feed-to-gain conversion leading to fewer days on feed or heavier outweights 
•    Greater daily dry matter intake supplying more energy and nutrients to cattle
•    Improved carcass quality leading to an increased percentage of cattle grading USDA Prime or Choice
•    Optimized volatile fatty acid production increasing Propionate:Acetate ratio, supporting fermentation efficiency and the production and availability of energy

“EfficienZ fermentation product is certainly going to help with conversion and gain. That’s very exciting, and it’s been a while since the industry has developed a product with those benefits,” says Scott.


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