Need a Truck? This New Online Dealership Caters to Aggies

Good quality trucks are sometimes hard to come by these days.
Good quality trucks are sometimes hard to come by these days.
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With 31+ dealers listing their inventory totaling more than 1,400 trucks and SUVs for sale, the Certified Agriculture Dealer (CAD) Program launches 

“We've created an elite network of agriculturally intelligent truck dealers—a place where farmers and ranchers feel comfortable and confident purchasing and servicing their trucks,” says Patrick Driscoll, the CEO and president of CAD.

agtrader truckAt a time of low inventory and high demand, the team at CAD says it’s a great time to have a focused product on serving this specific market. Listings include new and used inventory and are updated daily. 

“This was really to create a superhighway (for ag folks) who desperately need vehicles and our certified agricultural dealers on the other side that understand how to serve the agricultural market and make that buying process much easier for them,” says Jenni Wallace, vice president of operations at CAD. 

Leaders at Certified Agriculture Dealer say they are ready to engage all 250 dealers in the network with the “third pillar” of their offering, one they have been working on since last fall. 

All listings are eligible for AgPack, which is a package of rebates and discounts exclusively offered at CAD partners.

In all, the AgPack savings can add up to $30,000 and including offers from: Michelin and BF Goodrich tires; AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition; Rhino Ag equipment; Dixie Chopper commercial mowers; AgriEdge farm management system; Reinke Irrigation; Gallagher Fencing & Weighing Equipment; Eby trailers and truck bodies; Viasat high speed internet, Citgo’s Mystic Lubricants, Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment and DTN/Farm Market iD agricultural data, Walkabout Motherbins in-field grain storage, Outback Wrap hose identification system and PUTCO work truck accessories.

Features of the site allow farmers discover, review, purchase, finance, and even order trucks for their farm or ranch. 

Listings can be filtered and sorted by year, manufacturer, model, distance, and more.
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