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Implement a Pinkeye Plan

It’s never too early, and certainly not too late, to develop a plan to address bovine pinkeye. But where do you start?

Pinkeye Vaccine – Commercial, Autogenous or Both?

Bovine pinkeye. It seems to happen every summer. Even though it may look the same in different animals, potential causes and opinions on what vaccines are most effective vary.

Pinkeye Prevention Preferred

An little protection can outweigh a lot of cure

The 3 Keys To Manage Pinkeye

Leaving out just 1 of these prevention measures can be costly.

A Healthy Herd Equals a Healthy Bottom Line: The experts weigh in

Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (IBK), also known as pinkeye, is a complicated and costly disease for beef and dairy producers

Advanced Animal Diagnotics: Live From NCBA

Advanced Animal Diagnostics’ QScout® BLD is a rapid, on-farm diagnostics tool providing livestock producers with the information they need to make informed management and treatment decisions.

Feedlot Cattle Growth Research Review

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Revalor®-S. Hear Dr. Marshall Streeter and Dr. Wade Nichols of the Merck Animal Health nutritionist team speak during this 1-hour webinar.

Timing Matters: It pays to get more cows bred in the first 21 days

Dr. Todd Bilby, associate director of ruminant technical services for Merck Animal Health, will share how to get more cows bred in the first 21 days, why it matters and how to improve those numbers.

The Shifting Landscape of Pinkeye: Control at the Herd and Regional Level

You’ll hear from three veterinarians who have contributed to successful pinkeye control strategies on dairy and beef operations throughout the U.S.