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Sexten: Weaning Barometer

Imagine if we could determine adaptive qualities of our cows before investing the development cost of replacement heifers, building an adaptive herd over time.

Justin Sexten Performance Livestock Analytics
Data-Driven Decisions: Strategic Health Management

Antibiotic metaphylaxis is an effective preventative to BRD and leads to improvements in feedyard performance. Can high-risk calves to respond to respiratory vaccines when administered at arrival?

Rising feed costs
Justin Sexten: Less Is More

Even for those who enjoyed timely summer rains, the marginal economics of the cattle business and rising feed costs continue to cause nearly everyone to search for ways to do more with less.

Justin Sexten Performance Livestock Analytics
Justin Sexten: Stuck In The Middle

Whether you are looking to market spring-born calves, yearlings off grass or buying the next turn, everyone is looking to capture the value added by their management.