Plant-Based Food Isn't Healthier: New Book Sets Out to Debunk Myths

(Impossible Whopper)

A new book about why eating a plants-only diet won't improve your health or save the planet is turning heads. Jayne Buxton, a British-based investigative journalist, digs into the concept that plant-based food is the best for one's health and proves why it's misleading.

Every day consumers are bombarded with the message that they must reduce consumption of meat and dairy or eliminate them from their diets altogether.

Buxton sets out to answer two 'what-if' questions.

  • What if the pervasive message that the plant-based diet will improve our health and save the planet is misleading - or even false?
  • What if removing animal foods from our diet is a serious threat to human health, and a red herring in the fight against climate change?

In the book, she draws on the work of numerous health experts and researchers, uncovering how the separate efforts of a constellation of individuals, companies and organizations are leading the globe down a dietary road that will have severe repercussions for health and wellbeing, and for the future of the planet, Amazon says. 

Her ultimate goal is not to take on an anti-plant or anti-vegan agenda, but rather to help consumers make more informed decisions about the food they choose to eat.

Buxton is an ambassador for the Real Food Campaign and the Public Health Collaboration, two U.K.-based organizations focused on global food issues and improving public health through better lifestyle choices. 

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