3 Ways to Eliminate that Overwhelming Feeling

Learn how the people you interact with in your business function.
Learn how the people you interact with in your business function.
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What did you promise yourself in 2020 that you should do now? While spring is busy, try to find bits of downtime to ponder how your summer and fall can be new and improved. Here are a few additional considerations.

CHANGE = Understand your people.

Learn how the people you interact with in your business function. It’s important to realize you’re navigating life along with your team (your team includes employees, stakeholders, customers and suppliers), so learn what they need while still expecting performance.

•    What changes have impacted your team’s lives, morale, skills?
•    How have your suppliers changed how they do business?
•    What needs do your customers have now they didn’t before?

Checking in helps you align priorities and assess if there are any essential issues to address right away.

CHANGE = Trim things you don’t need.

Look for places to trim the excess or clear out business clutter. By “business clutter” I mean both paper and processes. Spring cleaning always feels good for a reason.

•    Does your office or clinic need a cleanout so you can better think through your tasks?
•    Does your crowded computer desktop need to be organized so you (or someone else) can actually find what you need?
•    What processes or procedures were created for past employees or old systems? What processes should be replaced with something that meets the needs of your current business?

CHANGE = Improve your culture.

What is the culture in your business? If you don’t know, it’s probably an allowed culture, not a created culture, and that’s a problem. Rarely are allowed operational cultures positive or efficient. If you’d like to analyze culture as a way to create a streamlined model everyone can get behind, consider these three management questions:
•    What does the business truly value?
•    Do employees feel comfortable expressing their frustrations and difficulties with managers?
•    Is our culture one that is attractive to new employees?

Sarah Beth Aubrey’s mission is to enhance success and profitability in agriculture by building capacity in people. She provides executive coaching as well as peer group and board facilitation. Learn more at sarahbethaubrey.com



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