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The protozoan Ophryoscolex spp. has a unique and complex cell structure. With an average length of 185 micrometers, it is one of the largest in the cow's rumen.
Researchers Assemble Genomic "Jigsaw" of Cow Gut Microbes

​​​​​​​Using high-tech tools, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists and their cooperators have taken a deep dive into the microbial "soup" of the cow's rumen.

A cow naturally infected with M. avium subspecies paratuberculosis that is in the late stages of disease and has typical clinical signs such as weight loss, watery diarrhea, and general poor health. This cow is part of a study herd used in research on Johne’s disease at the National Animal Disease Center, Ames, Iowa.
MAP Protein Could Protect Against Johne’s Disease

A team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and university scientists is investigating a new “ingredient” for use in vaccinating cattle against Johne’s disease.

Dr. Amy Vincent is a medical veterinary officer with the ARS National Animal Diseases Center in Ames, Iowa.
ARS Veterinarian Honored for Scientific Achievement

Dr. Amy Vincent led in profiling the genetic evolution of swine influenza type A viruses (IAV) and how this affects the animals' immune responses to the pathogens.

 Irrigating crops to produce feed for cattle accounted for 96 percent of total water use across all the regions.
USDA Study Clarifies U.S. Beef's Resource Use, GHG Emissions 

A fuller picture is emerging of the environmental footprint of beef in the United States.