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John Phipps: Questionable Environmental Decisions On Nuclear Power Now Creates New Geopolitical Threat

As countries close down operating nuclear power plants, John Phipps says it's clear the decision to overstate the minuscule risks- and assume greener power sources would be there to replace them -was wildly inaccurate.

Greg Henderson
U.S. Senate Works Overtime to Protect Sunshine

A foreign leader addressing a joint session of Congress this week was a rarity. Not to be outdone, the partisan and often cantankerous members of the U.S. Senate passed legislation unanimously on a voice vote!

Take Our Poll: How Do You Feel About Daylight Saving Time?

Should daylight saving time be permanent?

USDA Hands Responsibility of RFID Traceability Efforts to APHIS

The agency announced it will not finalize a plan introduced by the Trump Administration, instead handing control of rulemaking to its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Democrat's Green New Deal Wants to Eliminate "Farting Cows"

The Green New Deal is sending mixed messages to agriculture as it seeks to work with farmers and ranchers, but also mentions getting rid of “farting cows.”

FDA Issues Draft Guidance on GRAS Feed Ingredients

The FDA this week published a draft guidance regarding the process for listing food or feed ingredients as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS).