Research Indicates Algae-Derived Compounds Could Treat Mastitis

ZIVO Bioscience, Inc.  investigates the health and nutritional benefits of bioactive compounds derived from its proprietary algal cultures.
ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. investigates the health and nutritional benefits of bioactive compounds derived from its proprietary algal cultures.
(ZIVO Bioscience)

ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. a biotech/agtech R&D company engaged in the commercialization of nutritional and medicinal products derived from its proprietary algal strains, announces today that it has received positive results from a discovery-stage efficacy pilot experiment designed to test the efficacy of certain lead compounds against well-known bacterial infections that cause bovine mastitis. This latest experiment builds on previous in vitro research and an in vivo efficacy study which showed that bioactive compounds produced by the company's proprietary strain of algae showed efficacy in combatting the effects of bovine mastitis caused by mycoplasma bovis, a drug-resistant infective pathogen. This most recent experiment targeted another well-known infective pathogen, utilizing synthetic versions of naturally-produced bioactive compounds.

The results of this most recent experiment are a subset of a larger, ongoing study that comprises the final validation arm of therapeutic test compounds intended to promote a robust immune response and accelerate the ability of infected cows to recover from mastitis. Dairy cows treated with ZIVO compounds showed fewer outward signs of inflammation of the udder while also producing milk of higher quality during and following treatment as compared to untreated cows. Positive trends in biochemical and microbiological measures of infection were also observed.

The Company's validation effort is designed to dovetail with ongoing research to conduct analytics, isolate and purify natural bioactive compounds produced by the algae, and to also test synthetic analogs developed to mimic the natural bioactive compounds. Both the validation and the analytics are combined to form intellectual property submitted to the company's development/collaboration partner.

Bovine mastitis is a global animal health issue affecting the world's 244 million dairy cows and is responsible for billions of dollars in milk production losses.

About ZIVO Bioscience, Inc.

ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. (OTCQB: ZIVO) is a Michigan-based biotech company engaged in the investigation of the health and nutritional benefits of bioactive compounds derived from its proprietary algal cultures, and the development of natural bioactive compounds for use as dietary supplements and food ingredients, as well as biologically derived and synthetic candidates for medicinal and pharmaceutical applications in humans and animals, specifically focused on autoimmune and inflammatory response modulation.


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