WVC Recognizes Excellence, Supports Leadership

WVC today announces the 2018 recipients of the Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award and the Dr. W. Bruce Wren Food Animal Incentive Award. Both Awards honor aspiring leaders in the veterinary profession and are awarded annually for eligible students and recent graduates, respectively.

Portraying leadership and promoting a lifelong service to the profession, the following 35 veterinary students and two veterinary technicians are honored as 2018 recipients of the Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award:


  1. Camille Roemhild

Auburn University

  1. Branden Nettles

Texas A&M University

  1. Claire Tucker

Colorado State University

  1. Lauren Ungar

Tufts University

  1. Jeremy Eule

Cornell University

  1. Aaron Judson

Tuskegee University

  1. Holly Salzbrenner

Iowa State University

  1. Paige Livingston

University of CA-Davis

  1. Brett A. Montague

Kansas State University

  1. Christina M. Jeffries

University of Florida

  1. Ashley Rose Kotran

Lincoln Memorial University

  1. Matthew C. Tanner

University of Georgia

  1. Joseph Kamper

Louisiana State University

  1. Darcy Stephenson

University of Illinois

  1. Katelynn Youatt

Michigan State University

  1. Kristen E. Capen

University of Minnesota

  1. Katherine H. Larson

Mississippi State University

  1. Emily C. Brookshire

University of Missouri

  1. Eba Kim

The Ohio State University

  1. Linnea M. Tracy

University of Pennsylvania

  1. Erin Beasley

North Carolina State University

  1. Alisha Pederson

University of Tennessee

  1. Jesse Caitlin Alexis Jenny

Oklahoma State University

  1. Rachel O’Leary

University of Wisconsin

  1. Emily Mangan

Oregon State University

  1. Kelly C. Freudenberger Catanzaro

VA/MD Reg. College of Vet Med

  1. Mary Jordan

Purdue University

  1. Drew Asher Fleischman

Washington State University

  1. Kimberly Reid

Ross University

  1. Tolulope Olagbaju

Western University

  1. Meagan E. Bilotta

St. George’s University

  1. Kenny May

University of Saskatchewan

  1. Jolene Ann Vermeulen

University of Prince Edward Island

  1. Clair A. Sauer

Harcum College-Veterinary Technology Program

  1. Laura Hartman

University of Guelph

  1. Marie Gabriella Madaras

Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology Vet Tech Program

  1. Rachel Gauvin

Universite de Montreal




The Dr. W. Bruce Wren Food Animal Incentive Award aims to support and promote future leaders in food animal medicine. The following recent graduates are recognized in 2018 for their excellence in the field of food animal education and research:


  1. Dr. Michael E. Pesato

University of Pennsylvania

  1. Dr. Taika Von Königslöw

University of Guelph

  1. Dr. Celeste Morris

VA/MD Regional College of Vet Med

  1. Dr. Jessica B. Rush

Auburn University

  1. Dr. Shari M. Kennedy

Kansas State University

“As a partner to veterinary professionals throughout their career, WVC developed these Awards to recognize and support leadership within the profession,” said WVC CEO David Little. “This year is especially poignant with the passing of Dr. Walther, who founded the Leadership Award in 2002 and was dedicated to supporting the next generation of leaders.”

Recipients for both Awards receive $1,000, and complimentary registration, lodging, airfare and a daily stipend to attend WVC’s 90th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 4-8, 2018. Winners also receive a 12-month subscription to the WVC Learning Library, a $199 value.

For more information, visit wvc.org/wvc-awards.


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