Grade Your Management IQ

The power of planning.
The power of planning.
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Your veterinary business can be moving forward, but still falling behind.

“Management is more than just being smart and using your head,” says Danny Klinefelter, Texas A&M University professor emeritus. “Strategic management is about anticipating, adapting to, driving and capitalizing on change.”

Grade yourself in the following areas (i.e. with an A, B or C), Klinefelter suggests. In areas where you are deficient, set concrete goals to improve.

Are you strategic? How do you handle change? _______

Do you provide effective leadership? Do you communicate a clear vision of where you want the business to go? _______

Do you have a strong culture that attracts top talent? What is your turnover rate? _______

Do you use sound financial management practices? Do you understand your key financial metrics? _______

Do you have a marketing plan, and do you follow it? _______

Do you control costs, including family living? Are assets used effectively and efficiently? _______

How do you stack up against the competition? _______

Do you set business priorities and follow through on them? _______

Do you have a succession plan? Do you also have development and transition plans? _______

Do you see and understand the big picture? Do you have a strategy for major economic or policy changes? _______

Do you have policies and procedures in place? (personnel and safety policies, standard operating procedures, etc.) _______

Do you hold regular meetings to address concerns, business performance and expectations? Is that information shared with all vested parties? _______

Are you a member of a peer advisory group? _______

Are you getting better before you get bigger? _______



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