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BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP Products Earn Additional Label Claim for Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) Fetal Protection

Protection against BVD remains critical especially among pregnant cattle.

Zoetis Helps Enhance Reproductive Efficiency Among Cattle With LUTALYSE HighCon Injection

LUTALYSE portfolio expands to meet customers’ need for flexibility and convenience.

Bayer Introduces Insecticide Ear Tag with New Active Ingredient

Tolfenpro gives producers new insecticide option to help address rotation and resistance.

Neogen Introduces Mobile-friendly Dairy Genomic Website

Neogen has introduced a mobile-friendly website that puts the power of the latest dairy genomic technology in the palm of your hand. 

Merck Animal Health Dairy Care Training Video Modules Focus on Calf Care

Merck Animal Health today introduced two new Dairy Care365 animal handling training video modules that focus on caring for calves – the lifeblood of any operation. 

Diamond V Introduces SmartCare

Smarter technology for pre-weaning dairy calves.

Norbrook Announces FDA Approval of Norfenicol Injectable Solution For Broad Spectrum BRD Treatment

Norbrook Laboratories, Ltd. announced the FDA approval of Norfenicol® (florfenicol) Injectable Solution.

Bayer Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Immunostimulant to Treat BRD

Zelnate is an innovative, non-antibiotic option, to help change the way veterinarians and producers manage BRD treatment in cattle.

Trimble Announces S1100 Onboard Weighing Solution for Accurate Livestock Feed Measurement

Trimble the availability of the Trimble S1100 onboard weighing system offering farmers and ranchers a high-accuracy solution for measuring and weighing hay bales and other livestock feed handled using a tractor, forklift or skid steer.

A Love Story Starring Modern Agriculture Raises Funds to Feed Hungry Kids

A new feature film, The Ivy League Farmer, tells the story of a father and son in conflict over the future of the family dairy farm. It's also a love story that explores a small town's concern about local kids not getting enough to eat.

Bio-Vet Introduces QuadriCal for Organic Use

Bio-Vet has introduced a formulation of QuadriCal calcium boluses that may be considered for organic use.

New App Helps Identify, Record and Predict Digital Dermatitis

Zinpro Corporation recently announced the launch of the DD Check App, a new resource for the dairy industry that helps producers identify, record and predict digital dermatitis (DD).

Innovacyn Introduces New and Improved Vetericyn Plus for Dairy and Beef Cattle

New Vetericyn Plus — more effective in treating eye irritations, udder sores, teat ailments, cuts and abrasions on dairy and beef cattle.

Zoetis tm c
Zoetis Announces New Label Approval for Eazi-Breed CIDR

Dairy producers have a new management option for managing anestrous cows.

Merck Animal Health Enhances CreatingConnections Program Releases New Cattle Handling Video

Merck Animal Health released an educational video about cattle shipping and transportation as part of its CreatingConnections program – designed to help producers better understand cattle behavior and use that knowledge to help reduce stress, improve reproduction and foster stronger immune responses.

New Option for Vaccinating Against Pneumonia Caused by M. Haemolytica

Study demonstrated no significant milk drop following vaccination.

Zinpro Corporation Releases First Step App for Dairy Industry

New tool for iPads features locomotion scoring assessor to help track locomotion scores and estimate cost of lameness.

BT Rotator Vaccination Cattle
AgriLabs to Expand Autogenous Vaccine Portfolio for Beef and Dairy Cattle

Moraxella bovoculi and Streptococcus uberis mastitis vaccine added to an ever-growing autogenous product lineup.

Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ Approved for Extended BVD 1b Protection

Build immunity against the most common form of BVD in persistently infected calves.

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
New IDEXX Somaticell SCC Test Takes the Guesswork out of Somatic Cell Counts

Numeric results help dairy producers ensure milk quality and overall herd health in real time.

AgSource Launches New Ketosis Management Tool

New test uses monthly DHI test-day milk samples.

Zoetis tm c
Zoetis Launches DRAXXIN 25 to Treat Small Calves for Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)

DRAXXIN portfolio expands to offer more treatment options.

forage sorghum
DuPont Pioneer Introduces New Sorghum Hybrids for 2015

New products offer high yields, improved standability and key defensive traits.

AgriLabs Announces Next Generation Colostrx

Colostrum replacer and supplement gives calves more immunity and antibodies.

“Close to Glucose” New Propylene Blend for Treating Ketotic Cows

TechMix introduces a new product for treating ketosis… Propylene Advantage.

First Transdermal Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug for Cattle

MSD Animal Health today introduced FINADYNE® Transdermal (flunixin meglumine) Pour-on solution which delivers consistent efficacy proven to reduce pyrexia (fever) associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD).

Neonorm Calf: New Advance in Calf Care for Fast Recovery from Dehydration

This novel gastrointestinal product rapidly reduces dehydration and speeds up calf recovery from water loss, and promotes normal stool formation.

Genex to Market SCR Heatime System

The Heatime system combines one-of-a-kind rumination monitoring with accurate heat detection

Why You Should be Certified for Beef Quality Assurance

Dairy farmers can sign up for free through end of October.

DeLaval Expands Non-Iodine Family of Innovative Udder Health Solutions

DeLaval welcomes Lactisan™ and Lactisan™ Winter to the DeLaval family of non-iodine udder health solutions.

QualiTech Introduces BOVI-LYSINE

Cost-effective, reliable rumen-protected lysine delivery.

QualiTech® Introduces New Heat Stress Mobile App

Prepare for high-heat and humidity before cows are stressed

Zoetis tm c
Zoetis Introduces ONE SHOT® BVD

Vaccine helps provide respiratory protection for beef and dairy cattle.