From Bovine Veterinarian: Cannabis in U.S. Agriculture

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As cannabis in the form of industrial hemp receives crop status in the 2018 farm bill and cannabis is examined for its potential uses for both pain relief and in animal feed, what is the veterinarian's role?


vet medCannabis in Veterinary Medicine

Medical goldmine, pipe dream or somewhere between? Three experts weigh in on cannabis' potential and uses. 


cannabis horseFacts and Fiction about Hemp in Animal Feed

Livestock producers will play a crucial role in the success or failure of hemp, as the crop holds many potential benefits as a feedstuff. Some states have already set in motion programs to analyze hemp’s safety and practicality as a livestock feed. 

cattle cannabisLivestock Owners Weigh in on Ag’s Role in the Hemp Marketplace

Hemp has been an agricultural product that has graced many farmers’ fields, including famous farmers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Most recently, the 2018 farm bill has classified hemp that contains less than 0.3% of THC as a commodity crop. So what’s your role in hemp growth today? Here’s what livestock owners said:

Sonny PerduePerdue Answers Buzz on Hemp in Animal Feed

From fiber and oil to clothing and makeup, hemp products are hot. And now some are exploring whether hemp could be a useful ingredient in animal feed. So what’s the Secretary of Agriculture’s take? Read it here. 

Check out more exclusive data from the 2019 Farm Journal Cannabis in U.S. Agriculture Study and other resources here: 

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U.S. farmers can officially play the hemp game, so says the 2018 farm bill, and as of January 2019, 41 states have given hemp a green flag. Here’s what you need to know before you grow.

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