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Coming to AABP this week? Don’t forget these things!

This week’s 2014 47th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners in Albuquerque, N.M., is ready to offer you great CE, entertainment, networking and fellowship with your peers and colleagues in the industry. Here are a few things to remember before your trip. See you there! FULL STORY »

'2,000 Bull Project' targets cattle traits

Breakthroughs in genetic research have made it possible to evaluate and routinely predict growth, calving ease, and other important, easily observable traits within beef cattle breeds. FULL STORY »

AGree releases papers on challenges facing agriculture

This week, the AGree initiative, which seeks to build consensus and catalyze action on food and agricultural policy, released five papers addressing individual challenges for the future of agriculture. FULL STORY »

Timing and method is everything for dehorning and castration

When it comes to castration and dehorning procedures practiced by beef and dairy producers, timing is crucial to insure animal welfare and effectivness, says the new Cattle Castration and Dehorning Guidelines published by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. FULL STORY »

Caution: Prussic acid poisoning can be a problem during grazing

Use caution when grazing sorghum/sudan grass during periods when these forages may be experiencing stress, whether drought or frost stress, as prussic acid poisoning is one of the most toxic and rapidly acting of any common poison. FULL STORY »

Herd health: Making a case for case definitions

Internal benchmarking is a great tool. External benchmarking is difficult. FULL STORY »

Activity and rumination monitors enhance excellent genetics

What do you get when you combine excellent dairy genetics, a dedicated dairy management team and an intimate glimpse into cow activity and rumination time? FULL STORY »

Study reveals cattle producers’ vaccine concerns

New nationwide study investigates each of the most widely considered attributes when selecting a reproductive vaccine. FULL STORY »

Amino acid being studied to help breed cows during drought

During drought, having cattle that can tolerate poor nutritional forage is the difference between a cow and calf operation going under, or staying in business. FULL STORY »

Cattle Castration and Dehorning Guidelines available From AABP

Guidelines offer information on current castration and dehorning practices that emphasize cattle welfare. FULL STORY »

Dr. Kenneth and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation Symposium

The symposium entitled "Innovative Intensification in Cow-Calf Systems" is the second annual symposia of its kind to be sponsored by the Dr. Kenneth and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation. Texas A&M University will host the event on Sept. 18-19 at the Embassy Suites in San Antonio. FULL STORY »

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