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Wyoming introduces “NutriVac” verification for calf marketing

The Wyoming Business Council’s Agribusiness Division is offering Wyoming cattle producers a new verified marketing claim to help them capture more money per pound for their animals at the feedlot. FULL STORY »

IIAD releases mobile app for CVI submissions

The Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD) has developed a mobile Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) application to support veterinary practitioners submitting animal health certificate records from the field. FULL STORY »

From the BIF conference: Efficient heifers, efficient cows

High feed costs in recent years have driven growing interest in feed efficiency in cattle and the potential for genetic selection to improve efficiency. At the same time, advancements in technology have allowed more accurate measurement of individual feed intake, providing a means for comparing feed efficiency among groups of cattle. FULL STORY »

At the BIF conference: Cost-effective heifer development

Genetic improvement is great, but changes in management can significantly improve profitability with existing genetics in cow-calf herds. That was one message from University of Nebraska animal scientist Rick Funston, PhD, to the genetics-oriented crowd during the opening day of the 2014 Beef Improvement Federation conference this week in Lincoln, Nebraska. FULL STORY »

ISU researchers use forensics to track down drug residues in milk

Veterinarians at Iowa State University are using advanced forensic techniques and the same technology used by crime scene investigators to monitor drug residues in milk and meat. The ISU researchers work with other veterinarians and producers to strengthen food safety and make sure animals are medicated properly. FULL STORY »

Beef, pork and dairy prices push higher

Recent rains in the Southern Plains haven’t cured the region’s drought, but could push feeder-cattle and cow prices even higher. Retail pork prices meanwhile are headed toward $4 per pound and dairy prices also are high, according to the USDA’s June Livestock Dairy and Poultry Outlook report. FULL STORY »

Dairy breeding programs may help keep beef affordable

With beef in short supply and prices rising drastically, the beef industry is starting to get a little help … from the dairy industry, according to Richard Williams, ABS Global general manager for North America. FULL STORY »

Make plans for beef cattle welfare symposium

Iowa State University will host the 4th International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare in Ames, Iowa, on July 16-18, 2014. FULL STORY »

GEA Farm Technologies introduces new Contour Mattress System

GEA Farm Technologies is very excited to bring dairy producers a better way of thinking about cow bedding. FULL STORY »

Do audits correspond with microbiological milk quality indicators

Inspections are an inevitable part of the routine on most dairy farms. The demand for a safe, high quality product is driven, in part, by consumers who put pressure on producers for transparency and adherence to safety standards. FULL STORY »

Immune health is key to dairy cattle reproductive function

A well-functioning immune system has been shown to support multiple aspects of dairy cattle health and productivity. FULL STORY »

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