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Heifer-breeding protocol sheets available

The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council has published a set of synchronization protocols specifically developed for heifers, available in both English and Spanish. FULL STORY »

New vaccine could help prevent metritis

Could metritis infections someday be preventable with vaccines? FULL STORY »

Merck Animal Health recognizes 4-H members for advocacy

In support of its commitment to 4-H, education and the development of the next generation of industry leaders, Merck Animal Health has proudly sponsored the inaugural Young Advocates for Agriculture Award. FULL STORY »

Back to basics on BRD

The modern beef industry has come a long way in understanding the array of pathogens involved in bovine respiratory disease syndrome (BRDS), along with the list of environmental and genetic factors associated with the disease, and in developing better vaccines, treatments, diagnostics and management practices. But as several presenters at the recent 2014 BRDS Symposium pointed out, we can and must do better. FULL STORY »

Calf nutrition: Get them started right

Studies show feeding calves to a higher plane of nutrition may result in increased growth rates as well as decreased treatment costs and increased overall health. But what happens after the calf is weaned, do the benefits carry through post-weaning? FULL STORY »

AgriLabs announces 2014 Dr. Bruce Wren Awards

Cattle veterinarians L. Henderson King and Mary Mowrer receive prestigious continuing education award from AgriLabs FULL STORY »

DCRC plans webinar on heifer development

The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) is hosting a webinar series in 2014 that highlights top presentations from their 2013 Annual Meeting, held November 7 - 8 in Indianapolis. FULL STORY »

The ongoing battle with BRD

From the September issue of Bovine Veterinarian: New tools offer promise for prevention and early detection, while proven but underutilized methods await broader adoption. FULL STORY »

Producers gain $14 per head marketing calves as BVD-PI free

New research shows taking pride in adding value nets financial return. FULL STORY »

Sorghum silage or corn silage?

Finding the right balance between these two feeds may provide economic advantages. FULL STORY »

UGA College of Veterinary Medicine accepts 114 new students

The class of 2018 was welcomed into the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine Aug. 17 during its annual White Coat Ceremony at the UGA Performing Arts Center. FULL STORY »

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