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Work Begins on $19 Million Research Project on Cattle Grazing, Soil Health, Rancher Well-Being

Project will impact working ranches and rural communities, while quantifying the value of soil health and other ecosystem functions.

Managing Pastures with High Fertilizer Prices and Drought

An emergency preparedness plan can assist a cattlemen’s ability to respond to varying threats.  Developing a disaster plan is a good idea for both people and all the animals they care for on a farm or ranch.

Livestock Water Challenges Expected to Continue in 2022

Access to adequate, good quality water will continue to be a challenge for ranchers in North Dakota who depend on surface water sources, such as dugouts and stock dams to provide water to livestock.

Feds Plan Aerial Gunning of Estray Cattle in New Mexico

Federal Wildlife Service plan aerial gunning of estray cattle located in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico despite local ranchers concerns.

Midwestern Beef Production Works Just as Well Off Pasture

Beef producers know grazing land is in short supply. With more acres being developed or converted to cropland, cow-calf operations may consider alternatives to traditional pasture management.

Drought Threat Expanding

Drought is expanding in the country. There is plenty of time to avoid widespread drought impacts but without significant moisture in the next 2-3 months, the cattle industry could see major impacts.

Fly and Tick Season is Upon Us

When considering how to plan for a fly and tick control program for your cattle operation it is important to know the difference in application methods and their specific longevity in relation to adequate control.

Cattle Ranchers Cull Cows as 60% of U.S. Cow Herd Faced with Drought

The latest U.S. Drought monitor indicates drought is gripping pastures, with 60% of the nation's cow herd is now in some level of drought or dryness, and it's causing cow slaughter numbers to climb.

Reproductive Management of Cow Herd During Drought

With breeding season approaching, cattle producers must develop or modify management plans in anticipation of a drought to keep the most productive and valuable cows in the herd.

7 Reasons Your Best Employees Quit

Learn how to avoid these frustrating and deal-breaking mistakes.