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When Disaster Strikes: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Provides New Insight

What do the pork, beef and poultry industries have in common? Taking a look at the impacts of a disease outbreak might lead to striking similarities.

Livestock Producers Report Being Just Days Away From Running Out of Feed Due to Shipping Rail Issues

Bottlenecks along U.S. railways are growing more severe. Not only are feed users on the West Coast on the brink of running out of grain, but there are also concerns the rail issues could grow worse during harvest.

Diesel Prices Just Hit a New Record High, Here's Why a Diesel Shortage May Be Next

Diesel prices hit historic highs this week. Due to increased demand and a drop in production, a diesel shortage may be looming as the largest diesel distribution hub in the U.S. is sitting on supplies at a 30-year low.

How to Calculate Your Personal Inflation Rate

See how rising costs impact you and your family.

Oil Pumps
BREAKING: U.S. To Ban Russian Oil Imports

UPDATE: WASHINGTON (AP) - Biden: US ban on Russian oil a 'powerful blow' to 'Putin's war,' warns Americans 'defending freedom is going to cost.'

Cattle Outlook Optimistic for 2022

Cattle markets have improved significantly in the final weeks of 2021, with market analysts projecting those positive trends to continue in 2022.

COVID-19 Disruptions Causing Historic Economic Changes

Nearly two years after COVID-19 invaded our world, we are still living with its disruptions, but we should not overlook the more traditional factors also at play.

Cutting Into The Center Of Meat Processors' Labor Pains, This State Is Rolling Out A Hot Dog Factory On Wheels

As labor woes continue to cripple meat processing plants, Missouri is rolling out a unique concept to answer many processors’ biggest need. The classroom on wheels will provide workforce development at a pivotal time.

Where’s the Beef: Con Artist Turns Texas Cattle Industry Into $100M Playground

In just a few buck-wild months in 2015, a Texas grifter pulled off a swindle nearing $100M, and turned the cattle industry into his playground, stirring more cash than some of the largest beef companies in the U.S.

Beef outlook 2021
2021 Beef Outlook: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Disruptions to the beef industry from the COVID-19 pandemic will likely linger into 2021, but the result may not be all bad for producers, Don Close, animal protein analyst at Rabo AgriFinance told AgriTalk.

Economic assessment study conducted by NCBA.
COVID-19: Cattle Industry Losses Estimated At $13.6 Billion

Estimated cattle industry losses due to COVID-19 will reach $13.6 billion, according to a study by ag economists conducted to assist USDA in determining how best to allocate CARES Act relief funds to cattle producers.

Farmers from across the country are being asked to dump their milk this week, as the restaurant and food service demand crumbled rapidly due to COVID-19.
As Dairies Dump Milk, Frustration Mounts Over Retail Buying Limits

Farmers across the country are being asked to dump their milk, as food service demand crumbled rapidly due to COVID-19. Still, farmers are frustrated that consumers can't buy as much milk as they want right now.

President Trumps 'Ups the Ante" by suggesting the U.S. should increase tariffs against China if a deal isn't reached soon.
Farmer Support For Trump Holds Strong And Steady

President Donald Trump remains in U.S. farmers’ good graces, according to the latest Farm Journal Pulse survey.

2020 Election
US--Election 2020-Rural Democrats

2020 Democrats try to make inroads in rural America 2020 Democrats try to mak

ABC Settles Libel Case with BPI

BPI had sued the network for $1.9 billion, but terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.